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Apps-Smart-EngineersLiving in a digital era has tremendous benefits. The tasks which once sounded too hectic are now being done via the finger tips of people. More or less, the world has come in the hands of people, thus making their life extremely easy. Whether it is communication channels, transportation or lengthy calculations, the modern technology has solved all problems of common people.

If we talk about the life of engineers, then no doubt that they got the most hectic and busy life. Then again, technology has transformed their hectic life into a cool breeze as well. The new evolution of Smart applications is the most relevant example here.

Following mentioned are the list of apps that can really turn a life of an engineer into Heaven!


This app is certainly the entire world for engineers. Having huge database and guidebooks related to the all sorts of nuts and bolts of engineering, the app provides information to all sorts of tools and gadgets used by every Engineer. No doubt iEngineer app has turned the life of many engineers and has played an important role in increasing their efficiency to optimal level.

HVAC Professional:

This app is another milestone in the field of engineering. HVAC Professional provides 200 formulas of the HVAC Professional and includes another 18 charts that provides details regarding all fields of engineering. This app is a multi-tasker and it comes with a huge collection of features like air-change detection, airside, boilers, BTU conversions, ductwork, energy values, heating design, heating requirements, humidity, loads, pumps, steam, temperature, waterside systems, and area calculations.

LuxCalc Fluid Prop:

This app costs around $0.99 and is used to detect the physical and chemical properties of fluilds, and it can also analyze thermo-physical properties of materials containing accuracy of 5%. This app is also used to calculate temperature and can detect the heat (both absolute and dynamic) transfer rate among materials. Briefly, LuxCalc Fluid Prop is one of the leading apps used by all engineers and is actually for the new potential engineering students as it contains all databases, charts and analysis of heating properties of materials.

AutoCAD 360 (WS):

This app is extremely useful for Graphic Engineers who are busy 24/7 sketching, designing, editing and sharing. The best part about this app is that it is absolutely free and can provide engineers the facility to view, edit and upload DWG format sketches. Also, the app is capable of managing different other formats including DWG, DWF and DSXF files. The app is extremely user friendly and you can use it anywhere from any device. It contains its own drop box in which you can save your documents. You can also attach your drawings in your emails.

Engineering Unit Conversion:

This app, as the name suggests, can convert thousands of unit into other formats. It is specifically designed for students and professional engineers to solve complex problems. The usage of negative signs and different commonly used units were a tough task for engineers to handle. However, this app has made things easier for you by giving you the ability to convert any sorts of units via a few taps of your finger.

Finger CAD:

This app has the ability to let engineers draw anything they want. Though it costs around $5.99, it has become an important part of the lives of Graphic Engineers who now can draw anything from anywhere they want.

The invention of these apps has really relieved Engineers from doing lengthy calculations, designing complex diagrams and from reviewing thick guidebooks. Now, an engineer can consult anything anywhere and anytime. This Era is an era of smart generation. Therefore, turn your creative minds on and use the new technology to make things in your life easier!

About the author:  Alastair trot is an enthusiastic writer who loves to play with words all day long. He’s currently serving his unparalleled talent to writingkingdom, an academic help provider operating in the UK.


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Clean-up-planetNowadays there are a lot of organized campaigns, devoted to cleaning and saving the nature which take place in different parts of the world, united by one, common cause that is to maintain a clean and pleasant environment around us. Despite all the debates around the importance of cleaning and recycling there are still few days, recognized as official days for organizing these campaigns.

The majority of people is little concerned about the importance of providing suitable cleaning out of the borders of their homes. Even if certain organizations aim at stressing that one clean up day is indisputably not enough there appear to be only partial results  in this sphere. Each country organizes their own clean up day in the form of several programmes, planned for the whole day, however the question of the effectiveness of this one-day-campaign still remains doubtful.

The problem with one clean up days is that they take part only once per year. Of course the nature cannot be cleaned from all the garbage in an appropriate way for such a short time. People can try to provide cleaning procedures around their homes, by organizing several groups but despite the temporary initiative and motivation it goes without saying that one day is not enough to ensure a thorough and extensive cleaning.

There are another 364 days of the year which are long enough to allow us to take care of the garbage and litter and to throw it away in the right places. Even if we are not passionate environmentalists and do not take part in clubs which are oriented towards saving the nature we can make a contribution not only one day per year but we can also respect the nature throughout the whole year.

If we do not take care of it constantly, we surely cannot compensate in a single day. No matter of the efforts and of the motivation that we have, it is practically impossible to manage with cleaning and recycling in a perfect way. What we really do in this day is to pick up a certain area and try to clean it properly with the disposable materials, usually taken from home. Without hesitation it could be said that one day is not enough to clean all the damage that people are causing constantly to nature. If more than one day is scheduled that will slightly change the situation, however what has to be changed is the people's attitude towards cleaning. If more initiatives and petitions are organized, then these cleaning activities may become more popular and not shared only by more devoted  environmentalists.

There is no need to promote ''Clean up the planet'' or Clean up the country'' for one day, it is more than enough to clean around you every day of the year and to respect the nature around you. Only then will we become a population which really considers preserving the nature as essential part of our lives.

Author bio: July Minor knows a lot about cleaning, hygiene and healthy living. She works a part time job at Tidy home deep clean and has a lot of knowledge about eco living.

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Cheap-DomainThe biggest question facing any website owner is – should I go for a cheap domain? The genesis of this question lies in the fact that the owner wants to save a significant bundle on the domain cost. You may think that there may be a uniform point of view on this matter and yes, most people assume that such hosting services are bad and need to be avoided.

Surprisingly, there are two different schools of thought on this matter. Let us examine both these viewpoints to understand them better.

The first point of view belongs to those who are against the concept of a cheap domain. Their opposition is fuelled by the below points.

  1. A stripping down of services

For a provider to reduce the cost of the domain, they have to eliminate all the perks offered by other services. So in the end, the services offered are the most basic of domain services. The idea behind this move is that if anyone wants a domain for a lower amount, they should not expect the “toppings”.

  1. Lowest levels of security

Continuing with the stripping down theme, companies offering such services employ basic security measures on their servers. These measures are just enough to keep the data secured. However, the offset is that they may be extremely vulnerable to sophisticated malware.

  1. The lowest levels of bandwidth and space

The servers employed by a cheap service provider do not have a huge amount of space or bandwidth to distribute. Hence, the amount of distribution among clients is on the lower end and in most cases just enough to keep the site running. However, any upgrade on the site will reduce its loading speed.

  1. No idea who my “neighbors” are

Keeping in mind the stripped down version being offered, website designers may design a basic website. However, if there is a situation where 90% of the websites are basic and the remaining 10% are well designed websites, then the ratings of the 10% will suffer because of the 90%.

So what is the flip side of the coin? Let us understand the point of view of those who actually opt for these services.

  1. Huge savings in cost

For a startup, the concept of a cheap domain is extremely attractive. The biggest issue for a start-up is the fact that it has very low capitals to invest in the business. The capital has to be distributed for a domain registration, hosting, designing and SEO. If the domain registration takes up less than 10%, that leaves more money for hosting, designing the website and hiring an SEO manager.

  1. A platform to build their brand

The domain owner needs a platform to build his or her brand. Even if this means starting with a basic but well designed website or blog, they will still grab that chance. However, if they end up spending 90% of their budget, that leaves them very little room for marketing.

  1. Renewal or non-renewal options are still cheaper

Even after one year, if the domain owner wants to continue with the cheap domain provider, the amount paid for renewal will be less than with the normal registration services. However, if they have earned a substantial income, they can considering moving their domain to a reputed service and still save money as they will be paying less for the first year.

Ted Garza is a professional teacher. He has worked at kindergartens in USA and abroad for most of his professional life. In his free time he likes to write texts and articles on the topics of technology and also its implementation in everyday life for different websites (for example for the Danish “UnoEuro billigt domane” campaign). He is always excited to share and comment his views on modernity with other people interested in such discussions.

Likelihood-Mac-SurvivalPersonal computers quite often get damaged (sometimes beyond repair) in numerous situations like you drop your MacBook from a height while moving holding it in one hand. Another similar scenario might be that you get your Mac watered and the screen goes black after a long hum sound, and then it becomes silent. Well, there may be any number of scenarios causing Mac boot failure or like issues. However, the types and extent of damages do matter when it comes to fixing them and bringing them back to their previous working state. On the other hand, what the users need to do is, keep such devices away from external hazards like water, dust, heat and other similar threats as well as do handle them with a bit more care.

Discussing Incidents causing Mac Machines Damages

If you purchase a Mac desktop, it means that you might not mind others seeing your stuff while you are on your system. Things are not that personal and you can share them with your family members or friends sitting next to you. May be you want them see your stuff like movies, videos, and more. On the other hand, if you seek a little privacy, you opt for a laptop (i.e. MacBook) and keep the stuff a bit closer to you only. However, you must be more attentive and responsible for it’s handling, as these devices are quite delicate and require immense care to be taken. Those who fail to take care of their personal belongings of such types have to suffer data loss ultimately, and they go for data recovery that also relies on the extent of damage happened. A few similar scenarios are mentioned in the below section:

MacBook Dropped from a Height and would Fail to Boot

When it comes to taking care of the computer, many of you fail to do it. In fact, maintaining computers is a big issue for almost everyone out here, since they demand massive care to perform flawlessly during their entire lifetime. However, users often forget to clean (both inner and outer) their computers, even though they do clean themselves every day. Well, it is not only about internal and/or outer cleaning, but it is about taking proper care of them, including their handling while carrying them because they are fragile and might get damaged severely if dropped from a height.

For instance, you are working on your MacBook sitting in the living room. Then you feel like going to your room and continue with the work. You lift the MacBook and start walking towards the room and then suddenly, you dropped it on the floor. You hear a hum noise and all of a sudden, the screen goes black. You are like OMG! You lift it up and press the power button but it no longer works as it used to.

Though it is quite difficult and almost impossible to overcome whatever happened in the last moment, it might be a little easier for you to forget this accident if you have a recent backup of all the data you just lost. You can get back your entire data only if the hard drive (most likely SSD) of the MacBook is intact.

MacBook got Watered and would Fail to Boot

Laptops are ultra-portable and require extreme level of care to attain flawless performance. In case a little mishap occurs, the overall work schedule becomes unsteady and very difficult to manage to attain the same level of performance again. Since computers are machines, the users must make sure they do not come in direct contact with heat, water, and some similar external hazardous elements. In case a like scenario arises, the user has to bear whatever consequences it leads to.

For instance, suppose you are working in office sitting on your workplace and drinking tea. All of a sudden, the phone rings and you in helter-skelter dropped the cup of tea onto the MacBook. You take a tissue and start cleaning the keyboard. However, it does not work, but on the contrary cause your MacBook shut down with a long hum sound. You press the power button so many times, but all in vain.

In such a situation, you cannot do anything but let the system and internals dry by themselves. Take out the battery and unscrew the internals to the maximum, and then keep them at a place where they can dry out easily as well as quickly. If feasible, leave the internals drying out for a minimum of two weeks. In case the hard drive is intact, take immediate backup and assemble all the internals back when dried out completely. This most likely works and enables the MacBook turn on again.

What, if nothing helped Mac Boot?

As far as the chances of the Mac machine to boot and work when fallen on the floor from a height or watered are concerned, all that matters is whether the fixes provided were good enough for the issues caused. In case the issues were not fixed efficiently, the particular Mac machine might not be able to boot or function properly.

In such a situation, the primary issue is the data stored on the Mac, which must be intact. To check this, take out the hard drive and take a full backup immediately. In case the hard drive is also damaged, data recovery experts are the only hope left.

Tip: - Always keep a recent full backup of your data at a place other than your computer. Use an external drive instead.

Control-Smart-Home-SmartphoneLet’s be honest, how many of us still have home phones? I’m not saying that they’ve gone the way of dodo birds and Laserdisc players, but you have to admit that they’re becoming rarer. In fact, the only thing that is really keeping home phones on life support is the fact that many internet companies include phone service in their competitively priced cable-tv bundles. It makes sense that we would have moved beyond home phones. After all, most of us keep mobile phones on or near our person at all times; why would we want to pay extra for something totally redundant, and that can’t even leave the house? However, even if home phones do eventually fade to memory, telephones will still play a critical role in our houses. How, you ask? Well, through smart technology of course! Here are four smart ways that you can use your smartphone to control your smart home. Pretty smart, huh?


You know what’s great? Not having your house broken into and your stuff pilfered. And although it would be nice if burglars would find legitimate ways to pay for their methamphetamine addictions, the truth is that the world is filled with people who desperately want what you have. Drama aside, the best way to protect your home is with automated home security systems. All of the standards that have been a staple of home security for decades are still there (alarms, cameras, electric locks, motion detectors, etc), but now you won’t need some bulky control panel sucking all of the cool out of your living room. Modern home security can all be controlled and monitored wirelessly through your mobile smart device. This comes in handy when you wake up to the sound of someone shuffling around outside your backdoor, because jumping out of bed and trying to get to the control panel while you’re terrified is much more difficult than reaching over to the nightstand and grabbing your phone.

2. Appliances

Feel like getting the breakfast made before you get out of bed? How about adjusting the temperature in your refrigerator from a thousand miles away? It’s all possible with smart technology. Of course, you’ll probably need to do some serious shopping to be able to find appliances that are smart tech compatible. However, for simple remote “on/off” control, you can get smart plugs and sockets that your appliances can plug into, and can be controlled from your phone. Appliances are just the beginning of what you can control in your home.

3. Thermostats

Thermostats are some of the oldest smart technology. Think about it: they monitor the climate for you and keep it at a preset temperature. That, in and of itself, is pretty impressive. However, new smart thermostats are making the old models look about as sophisticated as fanning yourself with the sports section. Nest, for example, is a thermostat that actually learns your habits, and alters its settings accordingly. Are you at work every day from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM? Then nest will learn to turn off the AC/heater when no one is in the home. Nest also comes with an iPhone application, so you can control it from anywhere. So if you’re out jogging in the heat and you want to come back to a nice cool home with every vent blowing arctic wind at hurricane force, all you have to do is punch a few commands into your mobile device. If you look at Nest reviews, Vivint reviews, and others, you'll see that many users are already enjoying thermostat control from their smartphones.

4. Energy

One of the biggest reasons people are drawn to home automation is that smart homes generally use less electricity than their “dumb” counterparts. This may seem counterintuitive, given that each new smart device actually runs on electricity, but the fact is that something that is more closely monitored will produce always less waste. And if there’s one thing that smart technology is good at, it’s monitoring. Smart devices such as Savant will keep an eye on your energy consumption for you when you don’t have the time to do it yourself, and can be used to actually cut off power to entire sections of the house that aren’t being used. Likewise, smart powerstrips can cut down on idle power-drain caused by plugged-in appliances. The aforementioned smart thermostat will save you energy by turning itself off when it’s not needed, and smart lighting will protect you from the sorrow of an electric bill padded by you forgetting to flip a switch as you exit a room. And the best part? Yup, you’ve already guessed it: they can all be controlled through the smart phone. So get out there and smarten up your home. House phones might feel a little out of place in it, but your smartphone will fit right in.

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