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Windows-Hosting-In-IndiaMajority of people find themselves in a fix whenever they are tasked with choosing the right hosting platform for their website. Linux and Windows are among the two most popular platforms that are widely used by hosting companies to supplement websites of their clients. Much has been discussed on whether to choose Linux or Windows, but the discussion never appears to cease.

In this section we have explained how windows hosting platforms are better. It explains several reasons why you must go for Windows hosting in India and in what ways it benefits your website. Let’s take a look.

5 Reasons to Go For Windows Hosting In India

1.     .Net Capabilities

If your website is built on a .net framework or visual basic, windows platform is perhaps the best choice for you to host your website. As a matter of fact, Windows is the only hosting platform currently available in the market that supports .net functionality. Therefore, if you have built your website around a .net environment, it is advised to choose Windows hosting.

2.     Front Page Modules

A Linux hosting platform compels you to keep in mind server extensions that is a very tiring job for any individual that is held responsible for operating the server. However, windows hosting provides you a peace of mind while operating front page extensions. The user can use a Microsoft front page to make sure all server extensions are in place.

3.     Convenient and Easy

One of the major advantages that users enjoy while using a Windows hosting platform is convenience and ease. Windows platforms are by far the easiest of the hosting platforms and don’t involve many complications in their operation. The user can get attuned with its navigational details within no time that makes this hosting platform simply ideal for beginners.

4.     Development Options

If you are eying to develop windows applications on your site, Windows hosting platform is ideally suited for this job. Unlike UNIX, that doesn’t supports any windows application development programs, Windows platforms supports windows applications and provides you ample opportunities to develop windows based applications of your choice without many complications.

It is rather clear from the above section that Windows hosting in India is indeed a better choice for people who want ease in the operation of the hosting server and want to develop windows based applications. However, if you still feel skeptical on the idea, input your comments in the section below. We would be glad to clear your doubts.


This write-up explains how windows hosting in India is of great importance to websites that are built around a .net framework. It further highlights several benefits of a Windows hosting server and explains how it is better than a Linux hosting platform. 

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Cheap-Bed-Linen-SheetsThe bedroom is considered the most important part of the house, and for good reason. A large portion of one’s day is spent in bed, and after a strenuous day at work, the bed welcomes you home. It is definitely not a great idea to compromise when it comes to buying beds or bedding accessories. If you are buying cheap bed linen, there are a few things for you to keep in mind.

Sheet Size

You will need to know what size of sheet to purchase as well, depending on the size of your mattress. Some common ones are stated below.

Twin Bed: The smallest mattress option there is. Usually meant for one person.

Twin Extra-Long Bed: Longer than the usual twin size, and is used mostly in college dorms.

Full-Sized: Also called double, and is meant for two people.

Queen Size: One of the most popular once, it is meant for two people, and is both wider and longer than the full size mattress.

King-Size: Also referred to as Eastern King, it is the largest option available.

California King: Another variant, it is narrower but longer than the King-Sized.

The Material

The material of your bed sheet is a personal choice, but there are still some ground rules. Cotton is a light, breathable and soft material that stays warm in winter and is cool during summer, and has endeared itself to several homemakers. If you are looking for an even lighter material, try cotton-poplin. Wrinkle free material like cotton-polyester looks good and saves you a lot of hassle too. If you live in a warm or humid area, linen is a great idea due to its natural cooling effect.

However, cheaper linens tend to be rough and poorly manufactured; the good ones can be quite pricy, and all linen sheets wrinkle very easily. Egyptian cotton might sound enticing as well, but several manufacturers use short-cut methods to grow and produce the fibre, and these are poor in quality, but still expensive. Be cautious.

Thread Count

Most cotton sheets are described and classified according to thread count which is quite literally the number of threads in the fabric. The general rule is the higher the thread count, the more durable, comfortable and soft the fabric is. The thread count can be tested by holding the sheet up to a light source. High-thread count sheets will not allow light through them, while lower ones will be translucent. However, too many people get swayed by the 1000 thread count sheets. While these seem to be best under the aforementioned rule, they might actually end up being stiffer and not breathable as they don’t allow air to pass through. 200-up thread counts are good enough while 300-400 are fairly great. Beyond 800 is quite expensive and rather impractical.

Weave and Finish

The look and feel of a sheet and also the price and durability are determined by the weave. The least expensive of the lot are plain weaves with equal horizontal and vertical yarn. Sateen weave implies there are more vertical yarns, which imply that it will be a much softer fabric, but one which is more prone to pill or tear. There are more intricate weaves like damasks and jacquards which are textured and can be satiny or coarse too. They are woven on special looms and are much more expensive.

Almost all commercial sheets are treated with formaldehyde, chlorine, silicon and other chemicals to increase durability and prevent shrinking, wrinkling or loss of shape. Some alkalis may also be used to induce sheen. If this is something you want to avoid, you will need to look for pure-finish sheets, which are rather hard to find. This implies that no chemicals are used in the process, or that all traces of use of any chemicals have been removed from the fabric. These are hard to find, and hard to maintain, but are worth considering if you have allergies. Organic, untreated sheets woven from pure non-pesticide grown cotton are also an option.


Most sheets are dyed or coloured after they have been woven. Low quality printing or dying could mean that the sheets will feel stiff till they are washed a few times. A number of sheets are, however being woven from coloured yarns like jacquard weaves and coloured yarns.

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Printing-Important-Designing-Business-CardsDoing business and making your own identity is one thing which features a talent of an entrepreneur. In the beginning, it is required for the entrepreneurs to hold their identity so that people can recognise them easily. That can be your business card. This card plays a major role in providing identity to its user. Most of the people working in corporate and holds their significant position also hold their business card just to make an interesting impression to others. Lini Marketing Solutions stated that, it is the most important asset in the marketing department which is being used in traditional marketing strategies.

Though business cards are important, printing business cards are also important. It should be noted that a card must be made of those materials with which one can get attracted towards the card once he touch it. Among most of the ways with which cards are printed, one is through UV techniques. There are different attractive things available on a business card. One thing is the font, the writing style matters a lot. It makes a long lasting impression on the people who hold it. Also, the material with which that paper is made is one thing that is important. For all these things, a person must contact the professional business card maker so that it must be a better worth for their reputation.  

As an entrepreneur, this business card matters a lot because he have to provide it to his debtors, creditors, customers or other those people involved in his business cycle. There are different important information that is mentioned on the card such as his name, company name, contact number, mail address, postal address and others. With all these information, this is important that they should be clearly visible and must be authentic. Thus, entrepreneurs believe that printing of business card should be fine along with quality paper. The professional card developer must have all the card printing materials and also they have experience with the same. This makes important to get the services through them. They also make good use of latest technology and machines with which card printing and developing can take a new phase. A person going to make his business card should discuss the dealer about the card he wants to make and then he will be provided with some options. Out of those options, he can select that one in which he is interested.

It is important for the entrepreneurs to go for those companies who have professional printing knowledge and have accurate clients for that purpose. They also have samples to showcase their clients which provide them an option to select their best one. One important discussion should also go on for the price. It should be in his budget and of his choice. Though, getting both could be a bit difficult but yes, bargains are the best solution for this. Also, he should confirm the number of cards he want to have. Thus, printing business card is a time taking and a bit costly process. Although, if a person have some idea, he can recollect the materials and can print his card by his own at home. This technique must require some homework about reference links and other information but after having perfection, this could be a better source of employment for creative people.       

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resource - http://course.pluralsight.com/science-of-forgetting/docs/why-we-forget-and-how-to-remember.pdf

PowerPoint-createing-siteAfter your initial shock realizing that you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a website, you must be wondering how you can go about doing so. The points and steps mentioned below will help you create a good website with some static web pages for your needs.

1.   Decide on your starting point

Your first step should be to decide if you prefer to start from a blank canvas, better called a ‘New blank document’ in PowerPoint, or if you would prefer to use a template. If you opt for a template, your design work will be greatly reduced and you could end up with better results, especially after you tweak the template to suit your needs. A great place to find some templates is at powerslides.com.

2.   Save a PowerPoint slide as a Webpage

Once you have decided on the layout and design of your slides, and after you have added some content to your slides, you need to save the document as a webpage. You could save the slides as a normal static webpage or you could save the presentation as a single file webpage using the .mht format.

The limitation to using the .mht format is that the webpage will only be accessible through Microsoft’s internet explorer and not through other web browsers.

3.   Choose an appropriate title

While in the ‘Save As’ dialog box, if you haven’t already changed the title to your presentation, you can edit it here if you so wish. Microsoft will convert the title into the name of the website.

Then click on the ‘Save’ button in order to choose the default publishing options.

It is important to note here that, while you were creating your slides, if you left the page header blank on your slides, PowerPoint will export this page with the next few words it finds in the presentation as a hyperlink to this webpage. This page header is actually what PowerPoint converts to become your webpage header.

4.   Publishing options

If you want more creative control over the other publishing options while saving your PowerPoint created website, you will be able to do the following things through the publishing options, ‘Web Options Dialog Box’.

· The general tab will give you options on how you would like to display your document or webpage.

· The browser tab will allow you to have control over browser support by allowing you to make your webpage accessible to more users, using different browsers or browser versions.

· The pictures tab allows you to optimize the pictures in your presentation or webpage for the internet. You can choose image resolutions for the webpage here.

· The fonts tab allows you to change settings that will be all-encompassing for your webpage.

There are a few other options available, such as an encoding tab, but this option should be ideally left at its default settings.

Once you have made all the necessary changes that you need to, save the document and voila! You have created a static website using PowerPoint.

Author Bio. Patrick Schou has been a web designer for the last 13 years. He started off his web design career by designing websites using ppt templates from powerslides.com. Visit his website for more information.