Designing-For-iOSiPhone app development has grabbed the attention of renowned designers from all over the world. It is due to the timeless efforts of these web designers that today we have thousands and thousands of iPhone-compatible websites that are fighting for a unique space in the ecosystem. With the sole aim of creating an intuitive interface, these designers are into the habit of following certain specific web design standards. The web design patterns adopted by web designers make room for creation of websites that can be flawlessly accessed on iOS powered devices. Keep on reading this blog as I'll be unveiling some very interesting and handy web design standards for the iPhones.

1. Complete compliance with the Content Management System(CMS) is crucial

One of the best web design standards that need to be followed by every iOS app development company while designing apps for Apple products is ensuring complete compliance with the chosen Content Management System(CMS). Such standards complaint websites can be conveniently validated against the W3C. With a site that adheres to all the standards laid down by W3C, you can enjoy multiple benefits that can take the site to a whole new level of success.

2. Following the Walkthroughs design pattern is beneficial

As per the Walkthroughs design pattern, the website visitors will basically simply have a glimpse at some information that's visible on the screen. The user interface within this web design pattern will allow the users to spot information using a step-by-step procedure. Moreover, you can even use this interface for offering data and information that follows a chronological sequence.

3. Ensure clarity in content placement

Maintaining clarity in placement of content is quite crucial for ensuring the website/app's success. You can ensure complete clarity in terms of content placement by using plenty of negative spaces. These impart a unique sense of calmness  to render a more efficient and focused look to the iPhone app. 

4. Using Demos as the design pattern renders expected results

Irrespective of whether you're creating a brand new game or simply want to inform your users about a newly created application, Demos is the web design pattern that will work as the best match for all your iPhone development initiatives. With this web design pattern, you'll have a series of screens that would display the main features of the respective iPhone application. Here, you can either choose the walkthroughs or the short videos that can be played on the screen.

5. Use of Table View is highly recommended

As one of the favorites of iPhone developers, Table View is the web design pattern that serves helpful for creating apps that need to offer certain search results to the end users. Also called the no-nonsense design pattern, Table View allows users to dig deep into the information that's available within the search results.

6. Design for iPhone browsers

iPhone browsers are perhaps the most crucial consideration during the process of designing apps/websites for iPhones. Since browser is the only tool that's used for accessing internet on a smartphone, it is essential for the web designer to ensure that the website/app is being designed keeping the browser compatibility aspect in mind. It is also crucial to ensure that the orientation of the iPhone browsers can be modified by simply tilting the iPhone. Web designers may also opt for incorporating tab options towards the top or bottom of the iPhone browser. Doing this would allow the users to browser multiple websites simultaneously.

7. Single Window Drill-down

This web design standard is quite similar to the table view standard with only one difference that it offers a greater amount of information to its end users when they opt for clicking items that have been listed out. Single Window Drill-down is a design pattern that works wonders for developing applications that need to include features such as conversions, mailbox, IM chats etc. The best part of this design standard is that the app users can easily access all the information under the same window that contains the main list of items.

Wrapping Up

So these were some remarkable design patterns that are used for creating apps that can well be enjoyed on an iPhone. You can surf the internet for more such design patterns that are capable of meeting your niche requirements of developing apps that can stand out from the crowd.

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CRM-Solutions-Quality-Data-ManagementA well known research advisory firm Gartner says that CRM will be at the core of all digital initiatives in the next few years. In 2012 $18 billion was spent on CRM software, in 2013 the amount spent increased to $20.4 billion, and is predicted to grow every year. Businesses have understood that benefits of CRM Software enterprise solutions – include improved productivity, higher returns and hence business growth.

CRM software and solutions can be used efficiently for building better services, earning client’s trust and hence driving business growthCRM for pre-fabricated concrete products manufacturer, retail industry, health care industry, Banking and finance sector etc. can be seen as a growing trend.

What are The Characteristics of CRM?

  • Managing customer relationships:  CRM is a customer oriented solution and solely meant to improve the level of relations a company maintains with its customers.
  • Sales force automation: refers to automated tracking of client account history, and coordination of sales, marketing, retail outlets and call centers for better customer service.
  • Use of technology: refers to the data warehouse technology for aggregate transaction information and to merge information with CRM to derive key performance indicators
  • Opportunity management: allows businesses to manage growth well and use forecasting models via sales projection derived from sales history.

Consequently, what lies at the crux of customer relationship management is data. Data management is a continuous process; and if businesses lose hold over this process, it slowly but steadily plaques CRM and this in turn steers your business towards spending more on band aid solutions, and sadly - this does not help.

The Deadly Cesspool of Ill Maintained Data

As data becomes old, the perilous process of decay starts, and it becomes less accurate and more prone to errors.  It is the most organic and a natural process, and its repercussions on your business can be grave. Poor CRM data quality can affect your marketing strategies, sales plans and your business decisions.

The fact that nearly 50% to 75% of the marketed campaign success can be credited to well managed, accurate and high quality data itself, is proof enough as to why, data quality is placed at the top of the pyramid when we talk of CRM.

Handling customer data ethically and lawfully, is the first and the most important step of earning customer confidence and trust. When the data ages care needs to be taken to keep it updated and best for use, otherwise CRM starts crumpling. Without accurate and well maintained data, CRM cannot support any business activity, be it CRM for Manufacturing‎, Sales, Marketing & Customer Service.  As a result, with poor quality data not only does your CRM take a nose dive, but your reputation, client base and business all start going downhill.

Reviving your business from the abyss of poorly managed data

The cause or more aptly the root of this problem should be nipped. Here the root cause of your CRM going kaput is lack of data quality management. It is very important to set up a process for regularly checking the CRM data for errors.  Only then can your CRM solutions work to the best benefits of your company and help your business achieve new heights.

About Chirag Shivalker: Chirag Shivalker is a Head of Content Marketing Team at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services. He is a seasoned Marketing Writer & Editor with extensive experience creating print and Web content across varied industries. His exceptional portfolio includes feature articles for trade and consumer publications, marketing collateral, press releases, and online content.

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Successful-managerial-overviewManager profession overview:  When it comes to management, budgeting is the main fiction of organizers and their employees, as well as the counting and the expenditure of revenues. As the title suggests, they ‘control’ entrance to mutual finances, exercising a significant fiduciary liability. In a number of circumstances, experts in the manager’s firm must endorse the expenditures. Becoming a manager is a usual vocational progression for the accountants and auditors, but not every manager’s designation actually demands previous familiarity.  Managers are typically part of the firms headed by a company-wide CFO or the chief financial officer. In petite firms and organizations, the responsibilities of the manager and CFO might be amalgamated. It is also noticeable that superior firms may have the mutual budgeting and project analysis sections in addition to their setups of divisional or departmental managers.

Managers and the usage of information technology:

In technology oriented firms, which include most of the financial services and other related industries, managers and the CFOs must build up at least an elementary perception of the main IT concepts and concerns.  This will give them the enhanced capability to estimate IT suggestions and plans, which can have vast monetary and tactical impacts. One of the examples is of cloud computing, which is also becoming famous in the IT industry today. Financial managers should at least have a familiarity with the emerging concepts in this field.

The significance of the CPA as a manager: If you are having a CPA or certified Public Accountant position in the firm, then this is a helpful credential for proceeding a profession in accounting and auditing. It is overall a sort of managerial position or to give rise to the designation of a divisional or the CFO of the firm. This is, however, not always mandatory, particularly in the lower level job titles, but the policies might be different.

Managers are leaders: In many firms, the managers are controllers and they have the responsibility to manage their staff according to the reporting systems. They build up the reports and conduct the analysis that is critical to the administration of the business. In larger firms, they are also supposed to be involved in the plans and maintenance of transferring the pricing tactics and systems. Apart from the quantity and investigation of corporate productivity, managers often work in close association with the public in the marketing function, particularly the product managers who work with set ups related to the pricing policies for the firm’s products and services. In lean firms, managers have broad job descriptions or additional unstated duties in which they are required to assume lots of extra roles. In these circumstances, managers often have to complete long assignments and finish off the ongoing errands that are related to their fields such as those related with the human resource and the market research. Further, a large firm will have a multiple layers of managers which are according to the hierarchy of the sub-divisions in the organization.  The key is to work in a Controllership role which can give a wide based acquaintance of the business!

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Grow-Business-Using-SalesforceIf you are a start-up business looking to develop and grow, you need much more than plain dumb luck to help you. You need the right set of business tools that will help you along this journey. One of these tools is a salesforce release.

There are three very important things that a startup should concentrate on if they want to be successful.

  • Visibility of operations

Whether one is predicting the numbers or reporting them, the growth of a startup is all about the statistics of growth and how a certain company is growing. If you are the owner of a startup, you will be required to prove your success at every step with data to back it up. If you are looking at potential investors to put their money in, then they will look at your reports and the kind of business-driven foresight that these reports display. To produce these reports so that decisions can be made, start-ups do not have the luxury of an entire team to do their market research for them. This is where Salesforce comes in which will quickly produce results. Salesforce will pinpoint and narrow down the kind of products, services and markets to focus on, what is productive, when should you start recruiting, etc.

A startup will not have a lot of money for slow operations. A Salesforce release will get your work done quickly. You need quick data to produce results to attract funds and this CRM software will do the work for you. Statistics show that startup companies which have started using CRM are 2.5 times more successful in raising money than their counterparts.

  • Scale

When it comes to providing a business with scalability of platform, most start-ups face their hiccups. Again, data shows that over 70 per cent of start-ups face a problem of scalability. This is vital for any company to grow. Regardless of whether the investment is in a web based platform or a suite of front-office applications, there is a major risk in system failure and then the consequent cost of changing is a very steep one. When making the decision, consider the stability, the mobile support provided and how easy the platform is to manage.

You might need to expand your sales team from just one person to hundreds or even thousands of representatives. Remember that the more teams are added, specific applications required for these teams have to be added as well. However, a startup won’t usually have the resources to build their tailor made applications.

If you are using salesforce then you will get a consolidated centre which will allow you to manage the sales, servicing and marketing to be able to create a singular client profile.

  • Creating processes

Many start-ups face the problem of having a wonderful product or service to offer but having to deal with the added burden of creating processes from scratch. For companies that are just beginning, there are limited resources and they cannot afford to spend their time on anything other than building a top notch product or service.

Creating an operation for managing sales and support is one of the most crucial yet challenging hurdles that all start-ups have to encounter during the initial stages of development. Using salesforce will have sales processes already in place leading to losing less business and creating more opportunities. Client servicing executives will have an idea about their customer base as well. Finally, having constant client feedback means that you are not disconnected from market preferences and are in touch.

About the author

Shannon Beckett is a Salesforce release app developer working on a freelance basis. Shannon loves to watch tv shows in her free time.

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