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microsoft-Dynamics-Support-PartnerSoftware support is a bit like insurance, nobody wants to pay for it but when the pipe bursts you’re really glad you’ve got it. Actually, that’s not entirely fair, most of us accept that to insure against the unforeseen we need to spend but we are often looking to optimise the service we receive whilst mitigating the cost. So how do we do that?

Give yourself time, save money

Often support renewals are automatic. The first you know is when the invoice lands on your desk 30 days before your renewal and then it’s too late. Check your support contract now and note the renewal date. More importantly look up your notice period. Then get your supplier in with plenty of time to discuss your options.

Review your use of support

Review your use of support over the year. If you paid a five figure sum for only three fifteen minute support calls for a system that is static and mostly running day-to-day trouble free, then you should look at restructuring your support. Look at more cost-effective options like a bundle of support calls or “pay-as-you-go” support.

Review the quality of support

Examine what you’re getting for that annual fee. Your supplier should be offering you real “value added” whether that’s product updates, customer events or networking opportunity and not just a support desk. You’re paying a tidy sum so you should be getting something back.

Dedicated account management

Having an individual who is responsible for your well-being (well at least your businesses) is great. Somebody who you can bounce ideas off, escalate problems to and share your plans with at any time and at no additional cost.

Shop around

If your supplier isn’t ticking the boxes for value and quality, search for alternatives. Even if you decide to stick with your current supplier it won’t do you any harm to look at what the rest of the market is doing.

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How-to-benefit-from-P2PI suspect it’s happened to all of us. The invoice that appears out of the blue unexpected and with no budget from a supplier you’ve never heard of. Organisations are scrutinising their spend like never before, keeping a tighter hold of the purse strings is now high on many businesses “to do” list.

So how do you increase control, reduce the costs and avoid the unexpected?

Many people are turning to “pre-purchase” approval solutions, where previously only once an invoice was received would an approval process, be that electronic or paper-based be employed.

Pre-purchase approval processing allows organisations to stop the purchase being made in the first place if the items/services aren’t correct, deemed unnecessary, too expensive or would take you over budget.

Approvers can ensure that the organisation is placing orders with the right suppliers for the right products/services, those that offer the best value for money, rather than employees purchasing from the first supplier that comes to mind, this in itself can create substantial savings.

Once the approval is confirmed the organisation can place the order with the supplier and have visibility of upcoming liabilities that will be incurred, and assuming the invoice matches the order the “post purchase” approval that previously was required, may no longer be necessary.

Adding processes to control spending is beneficial, and no doubt your costs will decrease through the use of the new approval process and rejection of unnecessary/ unjustified spend, but what you don’t want to do is implement a process that becomes so paper-intensive, disjointed or time-consuming that your spending more man-hours and hence money on the process than you are saving.

There are multiple options with Microsoft Dynamics GP that can help you to take control of your purchase process and drive down your spend, from functionality provided within GP for basic payables transaction batch or purchase order approval, through to enterprise procurement solutions that are finance system agnostic and go beyond just managing your approval process for purchase orders and invoices, to include expense claim approval, supplier onboarding and contract management, so there is a solution suitable for all requirements to help automate the process you wish to put in place.

Take a closer look at the options in our webinar on Purchase to Pay (P2P) at www.advantage.co.uk/events.

About Matthew Fleming. Matt has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry working with small medium sized and enterprise clients, with a consultative approach, to better understand requirements and deliver appropriate, scalable and cost reducing business solutions. He’s been working with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM since 1999, providing these to a range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services and finance.

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increase-efficiency-through-technologyWhilst we’ve seen a definite upturn in the economy we’ve also seen increased competition from abroad and in some sectors prices still rising whilst incomes remain the same so we’re still in a challenging market place and we can’t afford to be complacent.

More than ever we need to look at how we can better generate profitability both from our customers and prospects through sales but also (and probably easier) from within the business by reducing costs through buying smarter and reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Small business changes that will change your business will increase your efficiency, reduce costs and errors, and possibly increase your quality.

So how do you increase efficiency through technology? Here’re my quick win areas.

Automate tasks

Take a long hard look at your business processes and as far as possible automate. Look for efficiencies across the business, they don’t have to be major but they could create a major impact on overall efficiency and your bottom line.  Then look for software that can be used to automate through workflow or email communication.

Cleanse your data

From the moment contact data enters your database, it starts to decay. Within a couple of years more than 30% of your data could be out-of-date. The cost of mailing to inaccurate addresses and redirecting mail can be significant. Regular cleansing of your contact database will bring dividends and save you time and money.

Streamline communications

A CRM system linked to an email platform allow you to manage your customer communications and relationships from a central point with much greater efficiency. The analytics contained in these systems can tell you how effective and efficient your marketing campaigns have been.


Digitise your documents so they are easier to send, share, store, search and they won’t get damaged or lost. WWF recently carried out a study that suggested a typical company could reduce its paper usage by 20% by simply highlighting to staff how much paper they use in a month.

Improve collaboration

Improving collaboration between employees, partners, suppliers, and customers is another way to boost efficiency. Take advantage of new collaboration technologies like interactive calendaring, videoconferencing and webcasting.

Outsource IT

Is managing IT infrastructure the best use of your time? It may be advantageous to outsource your infrastructure and support to a managed services provider. It can free your time to focus on running your business rather than your IT.

About Matthew Fleming. Matt has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry working with small medium sized and enterprise clients, with a consultative approach, to better understand requirements and deliver appropriate, scalable and cost reducing business solutions. He’s been working with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM since 1999, providing these to a range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services and finance.

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Boost-Your-Social-Media-PresenceMore people are into social media nowadays. And this is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur to promote and market their business to people that can easily reach. It may seem easier to have a social media accounts, yes, it is true. But maintaining an active social media presence is harder to do. Here are some powerful strategies that you can implement to improve your social media presence.

Build a Better and Complete Social Media Profiles

If you have already set up your social media accounts, it is suggested that you review them.  Make sure to check if it is polished and personalized. Review if you've written a full background information about your company. Also, make sure that you posted a recent photo of yourself or of your brand's logo. It is recommended to provide professional photos if possible. It is important to use every available feature that these social media offer. Doing these simple things can help you get more traffic and views from people who are curious enough to learn more about you and your company. It is one of the many ways on how you can get prospective customers.

Make a Worth Following Pages

Look at yourself as a follower and not as a creator of the page, so you can make a worthy following page for your business. Always think like them. Ask yourself what are the things that your page needed to have for you to be able to follow or like it? You have to create a value on your social media presence by considering the things that people needed. What benefit can you get from your page as a follower?

Engage with Users with Intent

Always remember to interact with your users. They are not just there to give you likes and comments to things that you are posting on your social media accounts. If there are followers asking you questions, be polite to answer them. Be helpful and influential by sharing useful and relevant information to them. You have to know the things that these social media accounts can do to help you grow your business. Participate in social media interactions, too. And if you see some negative comments on your wall, do not ignore or delete it, address it properly. This is the best way for you to gain respect from your followers.

Make Social Media Presence Personal

Even if you are in promoting your business or company, avoid being too corporate in your social media networks. Channel a personal touch to your social media presence by using fun and engaging language on your posts and comments. This will prevent your followers to keep distance from you because they will not think that following you is such a waste of time since they can find a human form in your social media presence.

Share Valuable Content

Offer great content to your followers. It is given that you will share some promotional posts to your page since you are promoting your business. But avoid doing this often. Even though you are in social media to promote, you don't have to post everything that is just all about you. Prevent losing your followers by knowing their interests and sharing valuable posts like inspirational quotes, useful links, and worthy content.

Be Consistent

Designate one person in your company to be in charge of updating social media posts to keep your page more consistent. You can also download some applications that can help you do multiple social media channels update all at once. You can actually save time by using social media to expand and build your network, but you also need to dedicate time to post regularly everyday. Be consistent and active in social media because it can build trust to your connections.

Call to Action or Ask a Question

It is an effective way to boost your social media presence by using a call-to-action approach. This approach tells what the users have to do with your post. The most common terms are subscribe, donate, and buy. But if you want to improve your social media presence, it is more effective to use “Like if you agree” or “Share to your friends”. You can also ask questions to your posts, this is also an engaging way to reach your audience. It can create more interactions between you and your followers.

These strategies are not that hard to employ, but require your dedicated time. Just always keep in mind that if you are planning to be on social media, you have to be active. If you can't commit to that, just don't use social media at all.

Author Bio: Dawn Atkins is a Marketing student who loves writing, cooking, and traveling. She works part-time for bestessays.com as a content contributor. It is Dawn's dream to have her own restaurant someday and to set foot in Paris. Reach her through Google+.

Students-Life-Android-AppAre you sure about your mental health? Is your mental health hurting your school grades? Dartmouth's Studentlife Smartphone Application is a simple source that can convey you. Just about everybody encounters down times in life. The capacity to adapt to adverse encounters differs significantly starting with one individual then onto the next and, in extensive part, figures out if individuals appreciate their lives. A portion of the normal elements that affect the mental strength of youth are unusual every day standard, physical illness; Abuse may be verbal, mental, sexual or physical and day by day assignments troubles and also examination stress. Not certain in case you're discouraged or sad? Your smartphone may have the capacity to educate you.

Researchers at Dartmouth have created an Android application that reveals College Students' mental health, behavioral trends as well as academic performance and conduct - quietly logging to what extent they rest, the quantity of discussions they have, the amount time they use in class, at social occasions or at the rec center and even stretch levels and dietary patterns. Utilizing admirably referred to mental wellbeing reviews as a benchmark; analysts could utilize the information to figure out whether understudies in its test gathering were discouraged, worried or desolate and in the long run discovered connections between mental wellbeing and scholastic execution.

Analysts found, case in point, that students with elevated amounts of social action have a tendency to have higher evaluations and grades, additionally may be less physically dynamic. Whereas students who were discovered to be all the more physically dynamic and socially captivated had a tendency to be less discouraged, as well. A more fleshed out variant of the application could possibly caution them if their mental state is exacerbating, and could also utilize that information to foresee their GPA. Still, such an application could be for a spell off: the application's makers concede that there are some security worries that need to be worked out.

The test project, in any event, is secure - analysts anonymize the majority of the information taken in the cell phones, and right now members aren't even given criticism from the application, as it could influence understudy practices and defile the exploration. In any case, the usefulness is convincing: later on, your telephone may have the capacity to provide for you mental health finding on the fly. I personally appreciate and believe as a youth that developer should work on such Apps which are extremely important in nation building and leading students towards the positive approach.

Author Bio: Elizabeth A. Halsted is a proficient copywriter working from last 5 years in writing industry. Nowadays she is connected with a legitimate online assignment writing service at BestAssignmentHelp.co.uk. Her job is to provide latest technology tips regarding education to the students of colleges and universities.

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