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Recover-your-Mac-DataAny Mac user has to deal with different kinds of data on a daily basis. Some of the data that are regularly copied, moved, saved, deleted, etc. from the Mac system include documents, images, videos, texts, etc. However, while performing such operations on the data, one has to be careful, as any mishandling could accidentally delete or damage the data.

A deleted Mac data could prove to be a nightmare for the user, as getting back the lost data may be not be as simple. A user might be able to recover data from the Trash, if he has accidentally deleted the data. However, in case of permanent deletion, it becomes impossible for the user to get back the data. There are various means through which user can try recovering the lost Mac data, but it is always recommended to have a professional and reliable tool to recover important Mac data.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is an ideal tool to recover just about everything from your Mac system. It supports recovering data from various Mac based devices including iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook pro, etc. in its original format. In addition, the advanced algorithm used by the software makes RAW data recovery possible from the entire Mac system.

Photo Recovery

There could be different photo format on a Mac based system. The software supports recovery of photos of any file format from any internal or external Mac hard drive. With this software you can get back your formatted, damaged, or deleted photo in no time.

Deleted File and Volume Recovery

The software uses an advanced scanning algorithm, to scan all your permanently deleted files, folders, etc. With this option, you can get back your lost data that is not even present in a Trash in its original format. In addition, the software maintains the original file name after recovery.

In case of deleted volume, the software rebuilds the deleted volumes from a formatted drive using any format including HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, etc.

iPod Data Recovery

iPod is one of the most widely used Mac supported device for music files, photos, videos, etc. While accessing or transferring such files, it might get lost. With the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software, you can easily recover any lost or deleted files from iPod device including iPod Classic and Shuffle.

Raw Recovery

The software works on the concept of file signatures, which helps in recognizing different file formats with the help of inbuilt fingerprints. It is an advanced feature, which supports more than 122 types of file. You can use the Raw Recovery option in case of severe corruption.

Recovery from Optical Media

An optical media could be in the form of a CD, DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc etc. Such media stores different kind of files on it. However, such files can become inaccessible if they are not properly burnt onto the disc. With this tool, you can easily recover back all inaccessible or damaged files.

NTFS Partitions Recovery

The software has the ability recover data even from NTFS based partitions running Boot Camp. Irrespective of the Mac setup, you can recover any kind of data from it.

FAT and ExFAT Formatted Drives Recovery

You can easily recover lost data from drives and volumes running on different formats including FAT or ExFAT. You can either perform a 'Quick Scan' on such drives, to recover all lost files in no time or perform a 'Deep Scan' to recover almost everything from the drive by performing sector-by-sector scan of the hard drive.

Donald Kepler loves to write about the best tips & tricks for mac data recovery, data backup by cloning or imaging and optimize mac speed.

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Corporate-LearningCorporate houses and shareholders face crises of low productivity due to poor performance of employees without proper corporate training. Along with individual capability, proper presentation and soft skill has become significant to meet the demand of competitive market. Today, the interactive training methodologies are tunes with practical case studies and role play. Some people are with the thought that trainings in work place are meant for distraction and waste of time. But, according to a report, multinational companies in US spend more than $60 billion every year for development of employees in corporate environment. This gives them more return than what they have thought.

Development of maturity model with corporate learning

Employees will become stagnant with regards to their work capacity if training is not provided to them after a specific period of time. Automatically, business will be undermined. In order to build capability of the employees, management culture must be created within the corporate environment. Even if the employees make mistakes, openness will create trust in corporate environment. Since it is not a formal training, team spirit will be developed between the managers and staff with effective guidance for one another to accomplish their task more effectively. Advantage of maturity model includes customer service, innovation and profitability.

Role of soft skin in business development

Many business establishments overlook the soft skill in employees while recruiting them for a particular job role. In the day to day business operations, soft skill plays a wonderful role. Soft skills are nothing but the personal attributes that helps enhancing interaction of an individual with peers, customers, clients, vendors etc. This helps in creating a friendly corporate environment along with good productivity.

Professional training with impact

Analysis model is effective in developing professional training of employees with expert trainers in the training department. It is important to know about an appropriate professional training applicable for each group of people. Trainers have improved and innovative tools that helps in building smooth operation with amazing learning programs.

Impact of soft skill on IT career

Today, soft skill has become a mandatory skill for people getting employed at various corporate, academics, and hospitality and service industries. The recruiters search for skilled people for particular department and industry. This can differ from one organization to another. But, one common thing in all is the soft skill. Today, if you don’t have proper soft skill training, getting job in a corporate house will be really difficult.

Smooth business communication with corporate learning

In a business organization, communication takes place in different direction. A senior executive in purchase department willing to communicate with junior of sales department has to initiate diagonal communication as per the organizational hierarchy. Again communication between sales manager and logistic manager is known as horizontal communication. An uninterrupted business communication is important for smooth operation of an establishment. Corporate learning in each level and department will increase smooth business communication between employees of different department or that of same department. Soft skill will motivate employees and peers to work effectively and achieve organizational goal.

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choose-word-press-Hosting is very crucial resource for the optimum performance of a website. It is important that you pay attention to the web hosting requirements of your business in order to choose the right hosting plan.  A complete evaluation of your needs before buying your WordPress hosting can help you save a lot of money. There are different types of web hosting plans available, the main types of hosting are:

  • Free hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed hosting 

Knowledge about each type of hosting will help you in choosing which hosting type is best for you; this article tells you how to choose word press hosting. The main features of WordPress hosting types are discussed below:

Free WordPress Hosting

These are normally hosted by small group or an individual in a pursuit to resell a part of the server for better gains. It is at times mandatory to put adds of the provider on your website.

  • Unreliable services that may be detrimental for your website
  • You may never know when the services will get discontinued
  • Not advised for serious entrepreneurial ventures

Shared hosting

This hosting is very popular amongst startup ventures as it is extremely affordable and allows you to get a good platform. The large server space is shared between a number of sites this is the key reason why these services are so affordable.

Heavy traffic on one site will have a negative impact on the performance of the other sites hosted on the same server and hence you are asked o upgrade your account in order to avoid low grade website performance.

Virtual Private Server

In this hosting the physical server is partitioned into multiple servers according to the need of the respective customer. This gives you the control of dedicated server where you can make changes according to your business requirements. You have the advantage of a separate computer with the freedom to install software for the better operation of your website.

Managed VPS hosting is for people who do not have the time and resources to manage hosting of their website, unmanaged hosting makes you take complete ownership of the hosting services.

Dedicated hosting is for people who need complete control over their server and this is mostly used by large business houses with huge traffic to attend.


This article helps you gain information about the hosting services available these days. It explains in detail the features of the most important types of hosting services.

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Best-Samsung-AppsIn this modern world, there are different latest technicalities, which are used in order to ease human labor. Moreover, there are other different products invented, without which, it is hard and also difficult to pass a single day. One such example of the product can be stated as Mobile phones, through which, people can call or send SMSs to their near and dear ones, where ever they are. However, with the advent of modern technology, various other elements are incorporated with a mobile phone, which turns it into a Smartphone. When you are dealing with smart phones, the use of Samsung apps can be defined as the first and foremost option to focus at.

More about the apps related with Samsung

Samsung can be defined as a worldwide famous name, when the main area of concern is revolving around Smart phones of the modern world. The reliable products and within affordable rates are making this name a global popular one. When you are planning to buy a phone from this reputed site, you need to take help of the apps store, which will help you with proper navigation of your new bought smart phone. This product can be well defined as an application store, which can only be availed once you have purchased phones from Samsung and not any other manufacturing company.

A little bit about the history

According to the latest inventions and notifications, it has been found out that this apps store was first launched in the year September 2009. The devices, where the apps were first launched in the zone of Omnia 2 and Omnia platform related with the Windows Mobile OS device. This application was initially applicable on different types of devices, which are running on different operating systems and those are associated with Android forums, as well. At this present scenario, you can avail the apps store on Bada Wave, Windows Mobile Omnia, Android Galaxy phones and there are more to be added, in the list.

Availability on the huge run

All the reliable application stores from Samsung can be availed at various phones, nowadays, and especially in some of the Smart phones. Moreover, you can avail the best features once you have start using this apps store in smart phones as the field is going to turn out to be a vast segment. However, the uses of these applications might vary a little from one phone to another as all the games or music are not going to be supported by all the mobile phones. However, you can also try and deal with the major notions of your cell phones, before taking help of any application.

Some applications for you to deal with

There are various categories, which you can avail once you have come across Samsung apps. Some of the areas, which you need to deal with, are finance, entertainment, education or the zone of e-book, font, health or fitness, games, lifestyles, kids, navigation, music or video, photo or filter and there are more to be added, in the list. You can enjoy any apps for your use.


There are different types of programs, for you to enjoy when you are dealing with Samsung application store. It can be well defined as an e-store and you need to be very careful before choosing any application. Choose the one, which will suit your operating base of the cell phone.

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How-Green-Your-TechClimate change is on nearly everybody’s mind, in one way or another. Becoming more aware of the effects of emissions on the environment, people are looking for “greener” ways to live, from buying local (and sustainable) food and products, traveling via lower-emission transportation methods, and building up recycling and composting programs.

There are some obvious things that help — like riding a bike to work or turning off the lights when you leave a room — but everyone tells you that stuff. As a technology company offering public and private cloud hosting services, we wanted to focus on some of the ways that everyday technology consumption like email, social media, and data storage affects your carbon footprint.

Before you hit send…

Going paperless is great, but electronic communications aren’t exactly carbon free. According to Mike Berners-Lee — professional carbon-emissions consultant and brother of the guy who invented the World Wide Web, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about — every time you send an email into the ether(net), you’re using up 4 grams of carbon.[1] And that’s if you don’t add any attachments.

Okay, 4 grams doesn’t sound like much, and in the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t. Four grams is about how much sugar Mary Poppins advises will help the medicine go down. But think about how many emails you send each day, then multiply that by 365. That’s a lot of sugar.

Basically, each year the average person emails an amount of carbon equal to the exhaust of a 200-mile car ride. Looked at from a different angle, all the emails sent scurrying around the Internet in a single day generate more than 880 million lbs. (that’s 44,000 tons!) of carbon per day.

Now, this isn’t to say that email is a bad thing: it’s certainly better than sending all of those messages on paper in paper envelopes using sticky paper stamps. But there are a lot of ways to cut down on carbon by checking the number of emails that go whizzing from server to server.

Stop replying to all. The “reply to all” function works by sending duplicate emails to all of the people listed in To: box. So instead of sending one email to lots of people, it’s actually sending separate emails to individuals — and multiplying your email-generated carbon footprint at the same time. Before replying to all, take a quick moment to see if everybody on the list really needs to get your message. You’ll save a few grams of carbon, and you’ll avoid aggravating all those people who might otherwise ask, “Why the heck did you send me that?”

Learn to search. Becoming intimate with your email app’s search functionality can save carbon, time, and sanity. Instead of asking your colleague to re-send that document you need for the big presentation, do a quick search of your inbox and archives to see if you have it already.

Don’t spam. Nobody likes to think they’re a spammer, but it happens. Even reputable companies with great products tend to carpet-bomb people’s inboxes with marketing messages that go mostly unread, in the hopes of finding just one more loyal customer. Just because you can send an email to anyone and everyone doesn’t mean you should. Tailoring your audience help you increase conversion rates while cutting back on carbon.

Unsubscribe. On the flip side, if you’re receiving emails that you don’t have time to read, take a minute to remove yourself from the mailing list. It’ll help keep your inbox clean, and you can feel even better knowing you’re helping to trim your carbon footprint.

Start a conversation. We’ve all done it; emailed that person who is sitting close enough that you could literally talk to them without even raising your voice. Instead of sending that email, have a little chat. Even if they’re down the hall, get up and go talk to them. Guaranteed, you’ll use less carbon by talking than you would by sending that email.

Less social media, more social awareness

Speaking of conversations, maybe emails aren’t your thing. Keeping messages short and sweet — say to the tune of 140 characters, a quick pic or a sentence-long status update — can’t really take up much carbon, right?

Actually, that is right. The carbon footprint of a tweet is estimated to be 0.02 grams.[2] Facebook has reported that the average user consumes about 311 grams (0.7 lbs.) per year, which has about the same impact as a medium latte.[3] (Hey, at least it’s not a “venti.”)

Still, those calculations only take into account what’s happening on the company’s end. If you’re using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to explore social media sites, chances are you’re not simply posting and then leaving. You’re probably browsing a bit, seeing what your friends are up to, making some comments, playing a game or two, engaging in highly politicized debates with unreasonable so-and-sos who just don’t understand how the real world works. That sort of thing.

Let’s face it, most of that stuff is probably a waste of time — and a waste of carbon. There’s nothing wrong with using social media, but cutting back isn’t a bad thing either. While reducing social media usage isn’t going to stop global warming on its own, every little bit does help. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:

Look up once in a while. How social is it to spend your time looking at your phone? If you’re out and about with a group of friends, focus on what you’re doing, rather than what other people are up to. Sure, it’s okay to post the occasional status update or share a pic or two, but constantly bending your neck is carbon wasteful and may ultimately lead you to a chiropractor’s office.[4]

It’s okay to miss something. The “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) is a psychological condition that has been exacerbated by the explosion of social media.[5] While connecting with people you don’t get to see every day can be wonderful, if you’re scouring your friends’ posts to judge whether their activities are more interesting than your own, you could be missing out on the simple enjoyment of being “in the moment.” Save some carbon and anxious brain cycles by turning those push notifications off.

Delete unused accounts. Maybe Instagram just isn’t your thing. Maybe you don’t really understand the appeal of tweeting. Or maybe you signed up on Google Plus to get more exposure for your business, book club, or improv group. Whatever the case, if you’re not using a particular social media site, deleting your account can decrease your carbon footprint while also helping you declutter your online presence and protect your privacy. Just Delete Me has direct links to the delete pages for hundreds of social media sites, with a visual guide of how easy it is to send your account into cyber-oblivion.

Cloud your data

With the rise of cloud computing, you can reduce your personal carbon footprint by relying on the economies of scale that cloud storage provides.

We’re not gonna lie: Data centers use a lot of energy. But as a company, some of the ways we’ve managed to reduce our own carbon footprint is by installing LED lights, taking advantage of cool-weather conditions — such as that chilly polar vortex that swept down near our data centers in Chicago last winter — and making strides in server virtualization, which helps us run our processors at peak efficiency.

In thinking about data storage for your own personal or company use, it’s worth asking yourself whether you’re wasting energy, space, and money by keeping your servers on site.

Check your overhead. All computers have an energy overhead, and in our experience most on-premises servers tend to be underutilized. Some of the most efficient network hardware costs an extreme amount of money and also requires large amounts of use to make them cost effective. Rarely can the average business justify such purchases, not just in money, but also in utilization. Using a managed hosting service that optimizes its networked hardware for maximum efficiency can help you save carbon while reducing your monthly energy bills.

Stay cool. Most on-site servers use consumer-level cooling systems, utilizing carbon-excessive air conditioners, fans, or possibly water cooling systems that tap into municipal supplies. Cloud storage centers, however, can develop custom cooling technologies that are much more efficient on a per-machine basis.

Understand your needs. We offer a revolutionary level of flexibility in server architecture to our consumers. For example, by customizing your data access and storage needs through our LEAP platform, we can greatly optimize your compute environment and consolidate server use. This helps you use what you need to run and grow your business, saving carbon emissions while keeping energy use low.

Back up smartly. Even if your main server is on the premises, you still have to worry about offsite backups to protect your company and customer data. Setting up a second server can multiply your carbon footprint and jack up your costs. Our virtual machine solutions are integrated with our already efficient server architecture to provide redundancy and diagnostic tools. We also offer standalone backup services for those who want to keep their primary servers close at hand.


Global warming won’t be solved by any single person, company, or even government. It’s going to take a lot of people all over the world working together to understand how their everyday activities affect the environment.

But every individual decision we make helps. We at SingleHop believe that most people are not merely mindless consumers of technology, but want to use technology to make connections with others so they can live richer, more fulfilling lives.

In the end, it’s about awareness. Hopefully this post has helped you learn more about a few of the ways you can make small strides in reducing carbon consumption through technology. And we know we can always learn more, too. We’d love to hear some of your own tips and ideas!


Berners-Lee, Mike. “An email.” How Bad Are Bananas? Vancouver: Greystone Books, 2011. EPUB file.
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“Carbon & Energy Impact.” Facebook. n.d. Web. Aug. 7, 2014.
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Read more at http://www.singlehop.com/


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