Is-your-partner-swiping-behind-backOne of the most enigmatic dilemmas of the present time is whether you should monitor your partner’s cell phone activity or not. Spouse monitoring isn’t a novelty anymore, because people are already resorting to unthinkable ways of catching their cheating partner.

Is your spouse swiping behind your back, or kissing someone under the mistletoe? You can find it with our special guide on spouse monitoring apps. Also, don’t forget to check out the dos and Don’ts of spying, unless you want to get yourself in some serious trouble. You will also get to read what sex therapist Jennine Estes has to say on this topic.

But first, check out these intriguing facts about spouse spying.

· 6 out of 10 women believe that they won’t end their marriage if find out about their husband’s infidelity.

· 24 percent of the men and 36 percent of the women believe that their partners have been unfaithful.

· One out of six women regularly check their partner’s cell phone history.

· 7 out 10 women have found the evidence of their SO cheating on them.

· 50 percent of the men who spied on their partner found out evidence of deception on the partner’s phone.

If you have ever used Tinder, you would know what “swipe” really means, and considering this is the single most famous dating app, it comes under experts’ scrutiny, time and again.

Technology — a doorway to unfaithfulness

With more ways to chat, talk and date, technology has made it easier for people to cheat. Apps like Tinder, Grindr, Down, and Bumble, are the epicentre of hookups. And then, the encrypted messaging apps make it all more convenient for people to keep their illicit dinner plans discrete.

But it hasn’t just got easier to cheat, but also to catch a cheating partner. From online websites that scrape public data to spyware like, there are endless options.

UsIng a spouse monitoring app to catch a cheating partner

Spouse monitoring spyware can be installed onto a smartphone (covertly or overtly) to enable remote surveillance of the target person. These apps can tell you more than just about your partners’ whereabouts, but also, if they had been using dating apps in your absence.

To use this spouse monitoring app, you may be required a one-time-access to your partner’s cell phone. After that, everything works remotely. This is the convenience of spyware. XNSPY give people more chances to use it for monitoring others’ cell phones, because they are affordable.

Couples aren’t spying on each other because they are monsters with no ethics, they want to get a tangible proof of their SO’s infidelity. You can ask any therapist and they will tell you talk to your partner about this, but what if the answer to your question “are you cheating on me”, is a plain “no”? Are you going to accept the denial and simply move on with it?

Not many people can move on with their partner’s infidelity and consequently resort to extracting a valid proof of it. There is a need to understand the dos and don’ts of spouse monitoring before getting your hands onto your partner’s cell phone.

For an app like XNSPY, you could easily access social media and dating apps on your partner’s cell phone. For advanced monitoring apps like aforementioned, it’s necessary you know what they are capable of and how you can avoid legal consequences.

· XNSPY isn’t just a social media and dating apps tracker. It monitors photos, videos, and even record calls. What you may find out on your partner’s cell phone could turn out to be highly inappropriate. Make sure you are up for it.

· To legally use a spouse monitoring app, the partners need to take each other’s consent.   Covert monitoring maybe very fruitful, but you can end up with a lot of troubles for doing that.

· Consensual spouse monitoring could be helpful to both partners as they can track each other’s location for safety reasons.

What do experts have to spy on spouse monitoring?

Jennine Estes, who is a sex therapist, talks about how tracking apps could be mutually beneficial. She believes that these apps can give partners a proof of each other’s loyalty. In fact, these apps have even helped couples to forgo feelings of jealousy, mistrust and insecurity. When a spouse monitoring app is used, there are no secrets anymore. Everything gets transparent and real relationships strengthen. Estes believe that these apps can help a person avoid long term pain by catching their cheating partner in time.

“The idea of monitoring to check if your partner is faithful is nice,” she says. “But it’s also sad that people have to resort to these in this time and age”.

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We use labels on a daily basis, often without realizing how useful and necessary they are. They help us classify food, office inventory, household items, kids clothes and school supplies, and more. For some of these things we simply write the necessary information on a piece of paper and tape it to the food packaging, notebook or anything else we need to label. However, in many situations we need slightly more serious looking and attractive labels.

For example, small business owners who sell physical products definitely need stickers that provide details about the product’s contents, where it was manufactured, if it has a “best before” date, etc. Some of these businesses pay professional designers to create original labels for their products, but with today’s free online technology, it isn’t necessary anymore to spend money on product label design. Using tools such as Labeley, the free online label creator, is highly recommended because they are free, simple to use and don’t require any special design skills.

Here’s the basic guide to using Labeley, after which you can spend some time discovering more design tricks on your own. That part will be the most fun.

Step 1 - Label shape.

Go to, click on the Start Designing button, choose any of the four provided label categories (general, beer, wine, kids) and then click on the Shape tab in the left hand corner. You can’t create a label design without this initial step.


Step 2 - Border and background

The following two steps allow you to set a border and background for your label. Take your time exploring the options. Note that the background feature lets you change the chosen background color. Don’t forget to click “choose” when selecting the color.


Step 3 - Labeley graphics or image from your computer

Next, take a look at the gallery of graphics in the Graphic category and choose one (or more) that you’d like to use for your label. If no provide graphic is suitable for your specific project, click on the Upload button and upload any image you want from your computer. You can reposition and resize your label image.


Step 4 - Create text

When you click on the Text option, a green Create Text button will appear on the right. Click on it and you’ll get a range of fonts you can choose from. Click on one or all of them to see what they look like. After you find the one you like, write the words you want to see on your label in the “Enter text here…” field. You can enter a whole sentence or just one word. By typing in word by word, you can reposition and resize each word to make them look different, as you’ll see in our label example for this tutorial.


Step 5 - Save and print your label

When you’re happy with your creation, save it in your Labeley account or on your computer (if you don’t want to register an account with Labeley). Keep it as an image, share it online or print it out on your home printer.


Use Labeley to create labels for work, homemade products, for party supplies and other special event items, or for any other creative stickers that can help complete your project. And don’t forget to have fun in the process!

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SMB-Growth-Blockers-Need-ResolveSmall business entrepreneurs often have growth problems. These are usually caused by the lack of development funds, sometimes even when company achieves good sales results. In this article we listed some of the biggest growth-blockers and provided several solutions for each one of them.

Running one-man company

Many entrepreneurs tend to do everything by themselves, thinking that this way they will save more money and invest it in their business later. They also do this because they are scared that someone will steal their idea or work their job with much less dedication. In the end of the line they end up with 80 hour work week and revenue that stays the same for years. On the other hand if they choose to employ more people, and assign them with basic and administrative work, they would have more time to planning and executing company’s growth.

Inability to find investors

Investors bring money and can easily turn small business venture into a corporation that does business proper state- or nationwide. Many entrepreneurs have problems with presenting their business to investors. This should be done on various conferences and networking events, as well as with useful presentations held through webinars. Entrepreneurs should also have great business plan that they will use for presenting their business venture to possible investors, government agencies and funds that might award them with grants.

Debt collection problems

Most expert articles on this subject advise us to stay away from bad debt. For some businesses, avoiding bad debt is much harder than for others. We often work with seasonal cash flow. It means that during few months, when we earn funds we use for running our business all year round. This lead us to accept business deals with people and companies we don’t know much about. If you have a debt collection problem, your actions need to go in two major directions:

· Prevention- before signing a deal you need to do background and credit checks on companies and individuals;

· Collection- you should introduce basic debt collection plan and stick to it. It is advisable for entrepreneurs to ask for professional debt recovery help, when they are not able to collect debt by themselves for longer periods of time.

Bad marketing

Marketing spreads the word about your business and brings customers at your door. Today, digital marketing offers great number of ways to measure conversion and determine right ways for winning over customers and making them loyal. Businesses that don’t use superb digital marketing analytics, or use them in a bad way often lack behind companies that hire expert marketers for these tasks.

If you, like most other small business entrepreneurs, don’t have budget big enough for hiring expert marketing agency, you should rely on free and less expensive marketing solutions. These are some of the websites that you might find useful for developing the right marketing approach for your company:

· Google Analytics - it measures number of visitors on your website, but it also comes with great conversion tools;

·  Facebook Ads Insights - Facebook Ads are very useful, and they come with great Insights page that measures performance of commercial posts and ads;

· Google Keyword Tool- It’s an AdWords tool that helps you to choose right keywords for targeting your audience;

No networking

Some entrepreneurs are not extroverts. This means they don’t like visiting conferences, seminars and other similar events where they can acquire great business contacts and meet investors who will be ready to invest in their small business projects. Lots of networking can now be done on social media, but one-on-one talks and interactions are still very important part of business world.

Small business entrepreneurs should act like there are running huge international enterprise in all aspects of their business, accept spending. They should network and promote their business like pros, and use all benefits of latest technology and outsourcing. If they keep their entrepreneurship mentality and think big, their company will continuously grow. 

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When it comes to building the network, you cannot ignore some important things like the IP address. As the way, the IP address is one of the most essential things that help to identify the computer in the network. Actually, the IP address is a sequence of numbers that are separated by the dots. These sequences of numbers are used to find the computer in the network. However, there are two kinds of IP addresses available in the network and they are listed as follows.

  • Private IP address
  • Public IP address

Let’s see the difference between the private and public addresses in the most effective manner.

Things that you know about IP addresses

Basically, a public IP address is a kind of the IP address which can be accessed over the internet. In fact, it is like a postal address that is used to deliver the postal mail to your home. In that same manner, the public IP address is the globally distinct IP address that is assigned to a particular device.  As the way, the public IP address allows you to aces the computing devices over the internet. In that manner, the email server, web server or any other server can access from the internet directly through this address. However, this public IP address is given by the Internet Service Provider and the computer can be connected using the internet gateway.

Then, the private IP address is used to allot the computers within your confidential space like the private network and let you to use the internet in the most effective manner.  For example, if you have a large number of computers in your home network and want to access the internet through it, then you can use the private IP address to access each computer.  In fact, it is highly used within the organization to create their own private network.

When it comes to the private IP address, it is divided into the three blocks and they are listed as below.

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

All of these classes are only allocated for the private network purposes.  Mostly, the computers, tablets, smartphones that have resided in your home may definitely connect by using this private address.

Types available in public and private IP address

Initially, we can see about the types that are available in the public IP address. In that manner, the two different kinds of the IP addresses are listed as below.

  • Static IP address
  • Dynamic IP address

As the way, the static IP address is the address that cannot be changed and it can also be used primarily for hosting the web pages or the services through the internet. Then, the dynamic IP address is the one that can be chosen from the pool of the available addresses. In fact, most of the internet users have the only a single dynamic IP address that is assigned to their computer that goes off when the system is disconnected from the internet. However, it can get the new IP address when it connected to the internet after.

When it comes to the private IP address, there are some ranges are available. In fact, these ranges are allocated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. In that manner, the address range that is assigned to the private IP address is listed as below.

  • From to
  • From to
  • From to

In fact, these private address ranges are not directly connected to the internet and so the address does not need to be unique. However, the private address ranges in the network do not have to be synchronized with the rest of the world like the internet. The network administrator can only use this private address ranges for subnetting purposes.

These blocks of the addresses can be used by anyone and it needs not to be unique. Even if your neighbour has used your exact IP address, then it will not cause any problem to you. This is because that the private IP address is only assigned for the variety of networks.

As well as, there are two kinds of the IP addresses are also available and they are as follows.

  • IPV4
  • IPV6

These are the two versions of the private address and they are used in most of the networks for identifying the computers. In fact, the IPV4 address is the traditional one and they are used for the network where the limited number of computing devices is used. However, if you have more number of devices used in the network, then you can opt for the IPV6 address.

In that way, is one of the private IP addresses that are used in most of the networks. In fact, this IP address is highly used as the gateway of the default IP address of the variety of router manufacturers.

About the author: Hi, my name is Masha and I am is passionate about technology, internet marketing and I am writer who writes on computer technology questions like router settings, computer security, ip address and many more questions about computer problems.

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Troubleshoot-Wireless-Router-ProblemWhen the network users are experiencing any problem with your Wifi or internet connection, it can be easily solved by troubleshooting your wireless internet router. Whatever your network problem like slower internet connection, no access to the Wifi connection, and etc, one can simply fix it through troubleshooting. The following suggested troubleshooting steps to solve your router problems are also suitable for your wireless modems. A lot of manufacturers and internet service providers (ISPs) are combining both the router and modem units now days. Wireless modem or router will actually be the same device at most of the times.

Some troubleshooting solutions for your wireless router:

· Check for overheating – All electronic devices will give some problems when they are overheated. Likewise, your wireless routers can also fall down when it is overheated. The overheating of the router can damage your device over time and make it totally unstable to use. So, it is very important to often check the temperature of your device. If it is too hot sometimes, you have to ensure the enough airflow to cool it.

· Reboot your router device – Rebooting a router device is the best solution to troubleshoot and solve many of your router network problems. Whether your connections are dropping, wireless router is flaking out, websites are not loaded, or any problem, you will just reboot your wireless router to set all back to the normal. The reboot process of your network router is very simple on most of the broadband routers or modems. You just unplug the power cable to your router for a few seconds and plug it again to solve any of your network problems.

· When you need to frequently reboot a router device, the firmware of your router manufacturer will just be buggy or unstable. So, it is better installing the alternative firmware to solve any issue.

· Check all cables are securely connected – Some of your router problems may occur due to the unsecured cable connections. Because of this reason, sometimes the simple problems will become complicated to make some issues and damages in your network router. This is why it is highly necessary to check your connection and all the cables must be securely connected between your broadband router, computer, and all other devices connected in the network. You have to be sure that all your power cables to the modem or router, a cable between your wall socket and modem, a cable between your router and modem, and Ethernet cable connected at the back side of your router connected properly to solve your network problems.

Some other troubleshooting solutions to fix problems in router:

· Change a wireless channel – If the individuals are residing in a particular location where there are many numbers of nearby wireless routers, then you have a great chance of getting network interference due to the wireless frequency and sending signals of other wireless routers nearby you. Changing your wireless router channel or formatting the optimal wireless network channel for your available area are the best solutions to operate on that specific wireless channel by avoiding congestion and reduce the interference. This troubleshooting solution will be definitely helpful to improve your wireless network signal. If you have Android device to get access to the wireless network, you can download and install Wifi analyzer app to this solution.

· Reposition your wireless router – When you have a trouble in getting your Wifi signal, it is better repositioning your wireless broadband router. If you have any large metal devices or objects within a signal range of your wireless router, it can definitely interfere in the Wifi network and block the signal to access. Some kinds of cordless phones and microwave ovens might be a reason to this problem. Once you have troubleshot this issue with the proper reposition solution, it can absolutely provide your fast internet connection. You can either reposition your router to another new place or you can reposition that metal device to another place to solve this problem.

· Reset the factory settings – If your wireless network router device will not work properly even you have tried all these solutions, you just reset your router to the default factory settings. It will surely help you to get all the settings back to your router and solve all issues. – It is a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address assigned as default address for some of the router brands like ADSL routers, Linksys, 3Com, and so on. The manufacturers of these router devices set this ip address as default during the factoring settings of them. It officially belongs to the Class C internet protocol classification for accessing the configuration and setup of the wireless router device. By entering URL on the web browser, one can manage your network and security options by login to the router configuration page.

About the author: Hi, my name is Masha and I am is passionate about technology, internet marketing and I am writer who writes on computer technology questions like router settings, computer security, ip address and many more questions about computer problems.