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Technology-Directly-Affected-Professional-LifeTechnology has become something that nearly everyone in developed nations and companies rely on. You can see this in manufacturing, engineering, food production, and so forth. It is unlikely for a company to survive without some form of a technologically advanced strategy. So the question that is raised is: “How has my life been directly affected by business technology?” Below we will explore some the ways that technology catered towards businesses impact our professional life.

The Internet

A technologically advanced strategy includes providing internet access as a basic need for today’s business leaders and we can now see that almost every business is dependent on the internet for their continued success. They need the internet to interact with other people in their public and private networks, first of all. Secondly, they need the internet to form and cultivate public relations with their customers. More than any other technology, the internet has brought about the most change is the past 20 years and simply cannot be ignored.

Professional Social Media

Business is not complete without a social media presence these days. Social media presence includes entities such as Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and perhaps other forms of getting media out to the public. Frequent posts to Facebook and Twitter are good ways to get positive media about your business to the public. These social media also enable the business to get feedback from customers that have done business or might want to do business with the company.

The Cloud

Cloud computing is also a big presence in business today. Some companies still use basic email to exchange files, but the future of file sharing is in services such as Dropbox and similar services that can be changed all the time, to include particular users and enable particular files to be accessed. Email has its place, but is being replaced by cloud services.

Modern Credit and Electronic Services

Business credit cards can also be used by those who need them. They are generally geared towards upper management on buying decisions, and they can be used to increase a company’s credit rating. Smart devices, such as new cell phones and tablets can be used to make transactions possible in ways never previously possible. Credit card readers can be easily installed onto these smart devices to make buying and selling easier to other businesses. You can even open a merchant account specifically for debt collection credit card processing. This process will help to perform as a means of income for your company. This can facilitate the need to have instant transaction without waiting for checks to clear various banks, especially if the businesses are half a globe away!

In a businessperson’s professional life, technology should be used to its full potential. It makes things easier for all involved, and when all are on board with the same or similar technology, it can make the leaders of the company happier. Happiness leads to success, and success leads to bigger profit margins for those who can make technology work in their favor. New types of technology are a growing field that is not slowing down. Take advantage of any kinds of tech you can to help your business develop and be a real success!

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Benefits-Email-ArchivingYour organisation is incrementally building up email from present and past employees, customers, authorities, partners and suppliers. Email archiving is something many SME organisations don’t consider until the size of their unstructured email data makes archiving more of a reactive tactic than a considered strategy.

There are many benefits to the idea of a planned, strategic email archiving strategy. We list the 5 key benefits below.

1. Compliance

Organisations are increasingly being asked to be compliant about the storage of their data and its ease of access for regulatory or forensic purposes. This may be complicated by multi-country regulations regarding data. Specialist email archiving applications will have a large measure of compliance regulation pre-built into their operation. This relieves customers of the headache of needing specialist compliance knowledge or having to design a compliant storage system themselves.

2.  eDiscovery

Email should be stored in a way that makes searches relatively easy – whether searching for a specific document or searching for information without knowing what the end result looks like. Compliance requires not only the storage of emails but a ‘Best Practice’ method of filing, indexing, storing and retrieving data. The benefit of an email archiving system with a built in set of rules based on compliant standards is that it already conforms to e-discovery requirements.

3.  Storage Space

The majority of communication searches tend to be for ‘recent’ data, including emails, generally within the most recent 3 month period. Storing emails offline but in a way that makes searches still accessible may save storage space and promote efficiency in computing. Storage can be automated so that data is first moved to a ‘nearline’ storage facility (e.g. in the cloud) and eventually, an offline space.

4.  Better Management of Email

Having a pre-determined structured method of storing email which complies with Best Practice and current legislation relieves, for the most part, manual email management. It also removes the burden of creating a storage management plan from scratch.

5. Disaster Recovery

Given the importance of current and historical email – not only for operational reasons but legal compliance – a Disaster Recovery facility is an essential benefit of email archiving.

Conclusion: Email archiving is an obvious, essential and increasingly mandatory solution for companies of all sizes. It can be used as a strategic tool to cut costs and enhance your organisation’s performance.

Getting started

If you want to make the most of your IT resources and avoid spending valuable time and effort trying to document your email communications, contact Advantage Business Systems. We can ensure your emails is archived and backed up on a regular basis, providing you with the security and peace of mind you desire.

For more information about Advantage’s email archiving and IT support services, call 020 3004 4600 or email john.pereira@advantage.co.uk.

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CRM-Systems-Small-Business-UseTwo to three years ago, most small businesses used spreadsheets to handle and manage their contacts. Sadly, businesses encountered numerous issues by using spreadsheets. This is where CRM systems came in. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you better manage and grow your business.

Whether you are looking for a free CRM version to match your budget, robust CRM software solution, or just a simple one customized for your small business, there is a CRM system choice for you. The following are the best CRM systems every small business should use:


Salesforce is a cloud-based and all-in-one solution that brings with it everything you might be looking for in CRM software. Even though it is typically associated with large enterprises and businesses, the Salesforce’s small business edition allows you to take advantage of its robust set of CRM resources and tools at an extremely affordable price. For sure, this platform is very easy to use. It contains excellent features such as workflow automation, sales forecasting, contact and opportunity management and lead generation.


Insightly is a very simple but feature-rich CRM system that fits the bill for micro-businesses. This software boasts of basic capabilities that every small business needs in CRM software. Moreover, it is highly scalable as a business grows. To get every small business owner started, there is a free version. The paid plans usually begin at a portion of the total price of comparable CRM systems.

Zoho CRM

This is extremely powerful CRM software, which does not compromise on its capabilities simply because you aren’t paying for it. Different from the other complimentary CRM, this tool provides all the main functionalities of a CRM tool. It lets, approximately, ten users onboard at no additional cost. Additionally, you have access to your data anytime you are in need. The mobile app also allows you to access data on the go.

When looking for the best CRM software for your business, it is important to have criteria to help you identify it. Use the following factors to help you arrive at the best CRM system:

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Contact-management features
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Lead-generation tools
  • Customization options
  • Employee-tracking capabilities
  • Automation capabilities
  • Customer service
  • Service limitations
  • Mobile access
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Third-party integration

The most important thing is to consider your needs first. After this, look at the features the CRM software comes with. This way, you will end up settling for the best.

If you want to effectively and effortlessly deploy Metadata from your organization to another organization, then force.com migration tool is your ideal tool. You can also use it to retrieve metadata from your organization, make a few changes locally, and re-deploy the metadata in the organization. This migration tool is without a doubt one of the best the market has to offer. It helps you get your metadata in XML files from the server.

Luke Adams is an expert in Predictive Analytics and Customer Relationship Management. His vast experience in the IT industry has equipped him with information on the force.com migration tool.

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Tips-Quality-Checking-AutoCADConstant software up gradations racing with changing technologies and other change in standards adds up new challenges in sustaining quality of projects. Without compromising quality, providing quick turnaround time is a necessary in today's world. The constant changes and up gradations have given rise to new strategies and techniques as well as technologies to perform quality checks. AutoCAD is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer aided designing and drafting which is available from 1982 as a desktop application and from 2010 as a mobile app. In AutoCAD, one of the biggest challenges is to provide a quick turn round time with high quality services.

Checking quality is very important irrespective of the fact that it is a small project or a big project because an effectively done Quality Checks can eliminate lot of errors and can also provide highly precise Drawings or Models or Algorithms in AutoCAD. Quality and quick turn time are two of the main reasons for clients to outsource their services offshore in the field of AutoCAD Service and taking AutoCAD training from reputed institute is advantage.

It is inevitable to pay complete attention to the Quality assurance processes associated with drafting and designing and modeling stages in any project. All projects must ensure and maintain design and drafting standard according to the industry specific standards and individual client requirements. The Quality checking process must be a stage wise process which has to be done at every stage of project execution from the start to the end.

The following stages makes the Quality check

Stage 1: The Modeler or Draftsman of the project converts and checks the AutoCAD file to ensure that all standards were followed according to the industry specific standard and client requirement. If the modeler is confident that the file is totally complete with all requirements then it is forward to the next step.

Stage 2: Each and every plot is converted to a file and is compared with original documents for drafting omissions and errors. The file is also reviewed for compliance with all special layering schemes, instructions and standards. Omissions and errors are noted and the Quality Checker works with the Draftsman to assure that they are rectified. When the AutoCAD file is found to be 100% accurate then the file is forwarded to the next stage.

Stage 3: All aspects and CAD standards are checked again. Now, the Quality Checker checks the scrutinized document file for 100% accuracy and passes to the next phase.

Stage 4: The electronic file is visually compared with the original document so that they match. Thus, in the final phase file matching is approved by the Quality Checker.

Ten AutoCAD tricky steps for fast Quality Checking:

  • All drawing units must be cross checked.
  • Check the whole application for layer standards according to the individual client requirement or project requirement.
  • Check Line Style of the project.
  • Scrutinize the Line Weights according to the needs
  • Use Spell checker to check the Text Style.
  • Check the Dimension Style as required by the project.
  • Check the colors of the application.
  • Check the project from Architectural or Structural point of views.
  • Optimize after checking the File Size.

For hard copy, check out Sheet Size Composition for printer and for soft copy; check out the same for the pdf file.       

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The United Kingdom is, historically and culturally, a rich country that accords several benefits to those who live here. People, who move to the UK for study or work, or simply to settle in the country, find that the lifestyle here is conducive to personal and professional growth. The country’s rich heritage, its adherence to rules and its sense of fair play make it a dream destination for immigrants. Broadly, the UK lifestyle is best known for:

10 Reasons the UK Lifestyle Is Considered the Best 1. Diversity in culture.

The UK comprises four countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All four have their distinct past and a vibrant culture that varies from the others. Today, it is easy for an immigrant to the UK to assimilate with the local culture because of its use of English in official transactions, the country’s emphasis on orderliness and discipline, and its overall assimilative ethos. 

2. Inclusive society.

The UK is home to several nationalities – thousands of Asians, Americans, Chinese, African and Australians have settled here. Every immigrant to the UK has a fair chance of finding a job and buying a home regardless of his or her social status or background. Living in the UK is an exercise in inclusivity.

3. Vibrant arts

The UK is home to some of the finest authors, musicians, actors, painters and fashion designers (past and present) in the world. This has led to the UK acquiring the best cultural base for some of the finest work in the visual and performing arts. The biggest advantage of living in the UK is that there is always some form of refined entertainment to look forward to.

4. Encourages the reading habit

The most influential men and women in English literature were and are from the UK. Since the country has inherited such a rich literary past, the UK strives to encourage the reading habit in its people by way of setting up scores of public libraries, innovative reading campaigns, incentivizing the study of literature in colleges and universities, and hosting frequent literary festivals for people to meet new authors and discuss current works.

5. Vibrant media scene

The UK is home to some of the finest studios, media houses and publishing houses in the world. This has led to the country shaping thought within the UK and outside it via its newspaper editorials, TV shows and films and its magazines and periodicals. It gives several work opportunities in the media, primarily in the digital, radio and TV space.

6. Museums and historical sites

The UK is blessed to have a very rich history. This can be seen in its wonderful museums and historical sites, which house some of the world’s most treasured artefacts, paintings and sculptures. There are a range of research and work opportunities attached to these places.

7. Encourages sports

The UK has two big passions – football and cricket. Several outdoor sports are also played here with fervour. The UK encourages participation in sports – both formally, as a career, and informally, for recreation – and is driving sports education to make society fitter and healthier.

8. Healthy eating habits

British cuisine is characterized by minimalism and an emphasis on taste. Food is prepared in simple ways and is healthy and suitable for the climate.

9. Several options for education

The country attracts thousands of students every year. There are several opportunities for research, product development, on-field training and post-graduate education in the UK.

10. Safe for single people.

The UK is home to several single parents, students and immigrants. The Government is attuned to the needs of these people, and provides a safe environment for them to live and work in.

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