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Renewable-Energy-in-ScotlandThe energy potential of Scotland is undeniable given the diversity of sources found in the country. Some even went so far to claim the state would become the powerhouse of Europe. Actually Scotland has energy resources that include 25% of the total offshore wind and tidal power in the European Union and around 90%of the total hydro capacity in the United Kingdom.

The importance of renewable energy increased, as the climate changes and resource deficiency are taking negative course. Cleaning any dirt and pollution will be futile, if the electricity industry continues to negatively impact the environment with the production of energy.

Scotland was among the first countries in the world that derived electricity from water. The state was devoted to creating a sustainable infrastructure that nowadays still provides electricity.  Recently the hydropower was replaced by the wind power as the most popular source of renewable energy in the country. In addition, it is estimated that the Scottish oil reserves in the North Sea are the largest in the EU.

So what is the future of renewable energy in Scotland? The country has set ambitious goal to generate the equivalent of 100% of the state’s electricity demand. Since the country is so rich in natural resource, energy export is a logical scenario. There is a substantial difference between the gas and oil and the renewable source. The latter is taxed considerably more lightly than the first. As a matter of fact, green energy is strongly subsidised.

Here is when an issue occurs. These two energy sources cannot be taxed the same way. The shift to cleaner and greener energy will inevitably affect the country’s public spending. The tax revenue from the North Sea oil will decline. Will it be possible for renewable sources to compensate the loss? Most importantly when the green technology will start generating profits that will exceed the subsidiary?

Luckily there are no signs in the immediate future for exporting projects of wind energy. The dilemma can wait for a while.  The need for efficient framework for investment in renewable remain.

The export of electricity is hindered by another factor. The strong political support for renewable energy coming from the Scottish government is offset by the the political situation in the UK such as delays, lack of coordination, postponing of the implementation of key legislations and initiatives.

Nuclear power, shale gas and renewables receive huge approval from the UK government, with the first two benefiting the most. Fossil fuels also receive strong political commitment. This leaves us with a complicated picture and a sense that despite the efforts the green energy is falling behind.

Onshore, the renewables proves to be successful. They produce sufficient amount of clean energy and also ensures job positions for tens of thousands of people.  And while big shifts face challenges, smaller project such as the construction of new find farms are enjoying a huge success.

The boost of green energy sources contributes to the cleaning of pollution and the development of sustainable economy. If Scotland manages to find solution the current challenges, it can fully benefit of its renewable resource.

Content-Development-ToolsIn order to get the most out of your content marketing, writers and editors need to ship out maximum possible content in the minimum possible time; this is only possible with the right set of tools.If you are a content developer who is struggling to churn out quality content, you might want to consider the tools on this list:

Through this tool, you can curate and collect content from a variety of sources. And not just online but it also allows you to view it offline. It offers built-in features to minimize distractions as you go through your content.

This tool is a simple and easy way to view what people around the world are interested in. It helps you by tracking the keyword trends and giving more ideas to help you develop your own content.

Use this social media tool to collect and organize your interests in a single place. It even has a secret board feature in case there is anything you donot want to give out to the public.

In case you need to add a funny twist to your content, you can always rely on Meme Generator. It even tells you which memes are trending so that you can use this information to generate viral content. It can be used for both informational and pleasurable purposes.

Use Issuu to help you generate online galleries, lookbooks and magazine to organize and present photographic content to your audience. It is simple, beautiful yet powerful and on top of everything, absolutely free to use.

Use Buffer to schedule your content across different social media platforms, spacing it out evenly in order to avoid flooding your audience. This tool will also help you figure out the best possible time to share your content over social media platforms.

If you need a tool to help you handle your email content marketing in the best possible manner, use Mail Chimp. There are more than 8 million people who use this app to smartly design and send away 600 million emails that too every day; become one of them today!

Use this app to manage all your tasks in an efficient and seamless manner. It even integrates with various email clients, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Outlook as well as all your social media platforms to ensure that you never forget anything you need to do.

Create simple as well as complex graphical content with the help of GIMP. It is a free graphic design app that will give Adobe Photoshop a run for its money. Try it too and see for yourself.

Use PowToon to help you create animated videos and presentations to make your content more engaging. It is, at the same time, very beneficial for educators and trainers, marketing professionals and small businesses and start-ups.

Keep your content schedule on track with this time-tracking tool and get an idea of which of your tasks are taking up the most of your time.

Create stunning infographics with Visual.ly to present complex information in the simplest and most engaging manner.

Do remember, however, that these tools only exist to streamline your content flow. They are no substitute for genuine, good-quality content. No matter what tool you use, unless you are able to churn out good quality content that engages and strikes a chord with your audience, the tools you use are of no value whatsoever.

Author Bio: Kristy Megan is a blogger and academic writer who provides coursework writing help to international students. Furthermore, she blogs content development tips and tools to help immature bloggers run their blog successfully.

Create-Professional-Looking-Instructional-VideoNowadays it is incredibly easy to fire up a screen recorder and create an instructional video. However you may have noticed is that there’s a huge difference in quality between some of the videos out there.

If you’re looking to create an instructional video then you undoubtedly want it to look and feel like it is professionally produced. But how do you go about doing that? In many ways it’s like the saying – the devil is in the details.

Key Components of Instructional Videos

It is the tiny things that often make all the difference in the overall quality of instructional videos. Everything from the video itself, to the narration, and even the background music (or lack thereof) – all these things will reflect the overall quality of the video.

So if you’re committed to having your video look and feel professional, here are the key components you need to pay close attention to:

1. Have a Script

Have you noticed that some videos tend to be sharp and to the point, while others tend to be haphazard and maybe even have small accidents like the narrator tabbing into the wrong window, or clicking the wrong icon?

Largely this boils down to whether or not you have a script. Before you record your video you should script out what you want to show, the order you’re going to show it in, and also the voiceover that is going to play at each point. If it is a long video you may even want to split it into several shorter ‘scenes’ and record them separately.

With a script, you can avoid most of the accidental mistakes, or even reshoot parts as needed until you get it right.

2. Record the Voiceover Separately

When you’re recording your attention will be on getting the video right, so having to focus on that while at the same time narrate the voiceover is going to be tough.

Rather than trying and ending up with poor results – you can narrate the voiceover separately and then add it to the video later. Most computer recording software allow for this, and it will help you to get a much superior and smoother voiceover.

3. Cut, Edit, and Re-shoot As Needed

Here’s a secret of professional video-makers: They very often don’t get it right on the first take. Odds are you’ll find that after you have recorded your video you can improve it by editing it in various ways, or even re-shooting parts of it as needed.

Don’t be afraid to do so. After all, with screen capture it just means spending a few minutes on recording so you could have an unlimited amount of re-shoots if required.

Of course apart from all of these key components, you’ll also want to take care of the basics – such as the video settings, format, and so on. Most of those are situational though, depending on how and where you intend to use your video, but as a rule of thumb it’s always a good idea to initially record in high quality and then convert to lower quality if you really need to.

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Build-Eco-Friendly-Commercial-PropertyAt a time when environmental risks are at an all-time high, the big guns need to come out to create a greener earth. It’s not just individuals or NGOs that can do this, but basic changes in the way commercial property is developed can pave the way for an eco-friendly system.

Why is eco-friendly property so essential? Unknowingly several methods employed in creating office space not only potentially damage employees’ health, but also have adverse effects on the environment. A green office will not only boost employees’ spirits, but will go a long way in reducing one’s carbon footprint on our planet. The negative effects of a polluted environment are plain for all to see.

There are several methods that one can implement to create a commercial space that is eco-friendly. Developers can use these tips during construction of a property. There are also other steps you can take to make the interiors of your office eco-friendly. Simple and basic variations like the ones listed below will all contribute to a green office.

External Structures That is Clean and Green

While adorning exterior walls with plants and creepers make for attractive landscaping, there is more to creating a green building than just that. Biowalls can be installed, which are similar to the wall garden concept, but serve to make the building eco-friendly. These walls on the outside of an office building provide sound insulation. It will also keep the atmosphere cooler and manage to deflect solar radiation.

Another step that you can take is using greywater to water these walls. Greywater is simply reused water from dishwashing or laundry. During the monsoon, these walls will make optimal use of natural rainwater. You could also have a roof garden installed on your commercial property.         

Internal Changes for a Better Life

Steps taken within the office can also contribute to making commercial spaces eco-friendly. When not in use, simply turn off electrical equipment like printers, computers, and Xerox machines. This will not only save a large chunk of the electricity bill, but also conserve energy. Products used to keep the office clean can be checked for non-toxic ingredients. Instead of travelling to work alone, you could opt to car pool, which not only saves money but fuel as well.

A paperless office would go a long way in making the building eco-friendly. Avoid printing emails and documents unless absolutely necessary. Organic beverages during coffee breaks are great, both for one’s health and the environment. Even food preferences can be organic ones and sourced from fair trade organizations. Allow natural breeze inside rather than having the air condition on at all times.        

Recycling Is the Way to Go

Use of recyclable material in property construction is a great way to cut costs and be eco-friendly at the same time. You can buy printing paper, diaries, notebooks, and other stationery, all made from recycled products. Opt for ink cartridges that can be refilled. Make sure to use sheets on both sides, before tossing them away.   

An eco-friendly building is cost effective, has minimal power and water consumption and is energy efficient. The air quality inside the building will also improve. It is also noted that an eco-friendly commercial property enhances productivity of the employees working inside. The property value of such buildings also increases at a drastic pace, making resale possible in the long run. It is definitely easy to implement changes that would lead to an eco-friendly building. Besides construction and recyclable material, you can make small changes within the office premises and in your lifestyle as well.

You can also incorporate these changes in your house if you want to build a sustainable home. According to CommonFloor.com, you can build a green property based on the criteria given by LEED and Indian Green Building Council. This will not only help you in getting a green home rating but may also fetch you incentives when you apply for a home loan.

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Consultants-For-Perfect-MigrationThis is precisely the moment for various organizations to put in their concerted efforts at developing capabilities for engaging patients and for coordinating patient care. The moment you get to understand the quality requirements for MU Stage 2, both EPs and hospitals should be focusing on capturing as well as reporting electronically.

You must go ahead with Meaningful Use Stage 2 as you must realize the importance and necessity of engaging patients and coordinating patient care. Patient engagement is necessary for enabling patients to acquire enhanced health outcomes and share patient care accountability. It is vital to share information between providers in order to be accountable and responsible for healthcare of a population. There is a constant demand for quality reporting and increasingly, reimbursement is very much linked to performance.

Why Is Meaningful Use Stage2 Important?

The healthcare industry needs to abide by the MU regulations as by adhering to these regulations, a provider has access to new EHR technology or the most advanced technology. Additionally, the provider acquires the eligibility for HITECH/ARRA funding that facilitates improved infra-structure and enhanced patient care. These new MU regulations have successfully made way for a hi-tech future for the healthcare world and introduced an era of revenue and acceptance for IT vendors related to the healthcare world.

What are the Aims of Meaningful Use Stage 2?

The main focus is primarily on delivering the best possible patient care on a daily basis. This necessitates effective management of quality as well as quality reporting to take care of loopholes in patient care. There are three important areas that need special emphasis. Organizations should aim to provide patients with accessibility to their health related information or data electronically either from EHR systems directly or through the various patient portals. Organizations should emphasize on equipping physicians with the knowhow for communicating with the patients electronically. Organizations should facilitate exchange of relevant patient information and treatment data at transitions in treatment and care.

What Do MU Stage 2 Consultants Promise?

Meaningful Use Stage 2 consultants are used for providing support in varying degrees right from education as well as generation of report to a complete customized contribution for assisting eligible healthcare professionals get prepared and fully ready for Meaningful Use. Consulting services are useful in equipping practices with insights relevant to EHR features and practice solutions for navigating meaningful use program and getting ready for regulatory compliance. You may browse through sites such as

http://mesusolutions.com/ for advice and assistance to any firm, institution, or professional in need for securing Meaningful Use Certification for the relevant EHR systems deployed by them.

Some Important Points to Note

You should know that eligible professionals who are ultimately adopting, implementing, upgrading or demonstrating meaningful use of EHR technology are entitled to an amount of up to $44,000 as per the Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program. Also, it is to be noted that beginning in 2015 eligible professionals would end up with a slashed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Allowed Amount by 1 per cent in 2015 initially, if they do not demonstrate regulatory compliance and adopt MU certified EHR technology.

Certification Facts

The MU Certification is really tough to obtain for hospitals and other such healthcare institutions. This is simply because of numerous human factors such as budgetary constraints, implementation issues, steep deadlines, modifications in work paradigms and organizational culture. It is vital for you to employ the services of some reliable and reputed MU stage 2 consultants to guide you or your organization effectively all through the process. They are expert professionals and have a sound knowledge and understanding of MU standards, healthcare operations and clinical workflows. They would be there with you every step of the way till you acquire social funding.