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Internet-TelephoneAre you interested in how well mobile broadband is penetrating different markets around the world? If you're employed in a company whose major product has to do with mobile broadband, then you bet you're interested.

What follows, then, are some statistics that may be of interest to you. The ITU, or the International Telecommunications Union, is an arm of the United Nations. They deal with ICTs — information and communication technologies, help in developing standards that help technologies and networks interconnect seamlessly, assist with allocating radio spectrum on a global basis, and work to improve access to ICTs in underdeveloped communities around the globe.

The ITU, then, has recently released figures that stated by the start of 2015, there will be nearly 3 billion users of the Internet. Nearly 66% of these will be coming from developing countries, and of those 3 billion users, nearly 2.3 of them will be mobile broadband subscriptions. 55 percent of these mobile users are said to be in the developing world.

Landline Usage Continues to Decline

At the same time, it is expected that fixed-line, or non-VoIP telephone service usage will continue to decrease at about the same rate as it has over the last five years. The ITU expects that by the beginning of 2015, there will be roughly 100 million fewer landline subscriptions than there were in years past.

Cellular Contracts Expected to Reach Almost 7 Billion

Mobile-cellular contract signings are supposed to top out at nearly 7 billion by the beginning of 2015. Nearly 3.6 billion of these are expected to be in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific area. The developing world is largely responsible for the growth in this area, where subscriptions of this type are accounting for nearly 78 percent of the global total.

However, the data also shows that growth rates of mobile-cellular devices have reached their lowest level ever — a global 2.6% — which suggests the market is now nearing its saturation point.

Developing Countries Showing a Slowdown in Static Broadband Penetration

By the time 2015 begins, global penetration of static broadband lines will have reached about 10 percent globally.

Roughly 25 percent of these contracts are accounted for in Europe. About 44 percent of them are located in the Asia-Pacific region. Penetration in the African region remains very low (about 0.5 percent), regardless of growth factors in the double digits over the past four years being in the double digits.

There still are several areas that retain double digit figures for static broadband penetration: the Arab States, Africa and CIS. By contrast, the Americas has the lowest growth in static broadband penetration, judged to be at around 2.5 percent and topping out at a rate of around 17 percent by the beginning of 2015.

Mobile Broadband Contracts Remain a Hot Item

Worldwide, the penetration of mobile broadband is estimated to reach 32 percent by the start of 2015. Developed countries will see it reaching up to 84 percent, or a level nearly four times the amount as found in countries in developing areas, which is 21 percent. Overall, the number of global mobile broadband contracts is expected to reach 2.3 billion, and over half of those (55%) are coming from the developing segments of the world.

Penetration levels in other areas of the world are as follows:

• Africa, 19%

• Asia-Pacific, 23%

• Arab States, 25%

• CIS, 49%

• The Americas, 59%

• Europe, 64%

Developing Countries Showing Signs of Saturation Regarding Broadband at Home

As the year turns over into 2015 and the number of Internet users reaches nearly three billion, it is expected that roughly 44 percent of the homes in the world have direct access to the Internet. Close to 78 percent of households in developed countries have access, where developing countries have slightly less than a third (31%). Over 90 percent of those people who are not already using the Internet come from the developing nations.

About The Author. Tanya Williams is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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Call-recording-softwareCall recording software is the most popular app you see on the smart phones. You have these apps available for both free and paid version. A significant percentage of the business organizations today record both in bound and out bound calls that happen their premises. There might be many reasons for this. Let’s look into the facts about the relation of the call recorders in our current life.

When you ask somebody that what can call recording software do for you? The obvious answer would be it records calls on the phone. How can these call recordings help you in real life? You are going to read few of these scenarios where the call recording software will be of great help to you.

Critical piece of evidence

The idea of call recording software on the phone is not to record all the calls that ring on phone and transfer them to your personal computer. The Idea of call recording software is to have the evidence of one to one conversation in thousands of phone calls so that you can hear a particular call again if you don’t believe what you have heard. This call recording also serves as critical piece of evidence in different professions like journalism and investigation. People might have never believed that they would record an important conversation that servers as critical piece of evidence or the conversation of their loved once until the emergence of this android call recorder software.

Record conversations from anywhere  

You can record thousands of conversations on your phone from anywhere. Some recorders will come with the option of recording the phone conversation virtually form other phone as well.  Even poor connection cannot keep the phone recorder away from recording the telephone conversation. These recorders come with crystal clear microphones that help in recording the conversation with high clarity. However, you should check for the clarity of the sound on the call recording software before you install it on your android phone.

Address different needs

This excellent recording software can be used for different purposes like evidence vindication and even protection. The manufactures make sure the call recording software released by them is capable of recording the conversation from anywhere. These recorders will serve the need of the journalist in great way. The microphone of the call recording software has highest clarity. They can easily script down the content on the paper after playing back the conversation again.

Surge ahead of competition  

Call recording software used in the business organizations will make you surge the competitions. With the help of this recording software, you will be able to provide best customer service and gain their loyalty. With the call recordings on the business phones, you will be able to train the new employees that enter the organization which in turn helps them to provide best customer service. When the customers develop trust on the services provided by you. Your customer base will increase automatically and you can easily standout the cut throat competition.  

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Samsung-Note-4Samsung had introduced Galaxy Note range way back in 2011 when it decided to hit the market with big screen phones. Since it was the first phone with a large 5.3 inch screen, it became a big talking point in the market. Many considered it too big for a phone while the others thought it was small if compared with a tablet. But today after three years, when there are many phones in the market with similar screen sizes, the new Samsung Note 4 with a 5.7 inch screen has been readily accepted in the market because of the great features it offers.

1.     Optimum viewing in all situations

The Galaxy Note 4 boasts of the Super AMOLED technology which makes the viewing on the screen a pleasure in all positions. This so called adaptive technology adjusts itself according to the light in the place where the user is viewing the screen. It ensures that the usage of the phone is quite comfortable in all situations and locations. The high resolution of 500 pixels per inch makes the viewing of photosor videos a stunning experience. The colors are vivid and zooms are without any jagged edges.

2.     Samsung Note 4 is a nicely finished product

Unlike the note 3 which had a plastic feeling on seeing or when held in the hand, Note 4 comes with a metal rim which surrounds the handset and offers a premium finish. It gives a good feeling when being carried in hand. The silver rim gives it a premium look and the buttons look sharp on white as well as black versions of the phone giving it further brownie points.

3.     Stylus is the icing on the cake

The S-pen in Galaxy Note 4 is handily tucked in the giant screen of 5.7 inches. This feature makes it stand out in the crowd of many similar handsets available in the market today because no other comparable & popular phone offers this facility. The S-pen is quite handy and easy to use for compulsive scribblers.

4.     Improved battery makes it even better

Battery is an important part of any mobile set. Samsung Note 4 has the same battery as Note 3 but the company has improved its charging time. Now it takes only 30 minutes to charge 50% of the phone battery. Also the ultra-power saver technology of Samsung S5 has been incorporated in Samsung Note 4.

When you have the new Samsung Note 4, there must be a lot that you need to save in your phone, whether it is your personal stuff or your official stuff. Personal photos, official files, different apps etc. all can be saved in the new app lock. Many happy and satisfied customers have also praised about the application on Google play and other app stores. If you are confused whether or not to use this application, just simply read the customer reviews and you will come to know all. Protect everything in your latest Samsung Note 4. 

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Business-Revenue-Social-Media-PlatformsOver the past decades technology has transformed the way marketers increase their business sales revenue. Now with technological forums (social media) managers could easily raise their business operations to peak level. We all know that social media platforms are widely used for personal and professional matters. Fortunately businesses can also improve their turnover by advertising their commodities on it. If you’re a manager who is willing to advertise their new or existing product to more audience, then you’re at the right podium. Check out the information shared below to boost your business turnover with social media platforms.

Reach To More Customers

Undoubtedly with social media platforms you can easily invite more customers to purchase your products and services. More than 500bn customers log in to social media accounts regularly. By creating accounts on these technology forums, you will get a chance to advertise your product to more leads. Additionally you will also get a chance to advertise your product on the international market to make international market for your business. Every business wants to make an international profile and by engaging technological platforms you can fulfil this aim successfully.

Persuade Customer to Buy More

Online forums have enabled the business to influence more customers to purchase more. You can also persuade your customer to spend more on your products by offering exclusive deals to your business fan and followers.  Today a lot of businesses are running successful marketing campaigns over these platforms by uploading interesting snaps and videos. Therefore create a business page on leading social media forums today to hook the attention of more customers. This strategy will not only assist you to multiply your business revenue but also enable you to make a stronger online presence.

Educate Customers about Your Commodities

By having a powerful presence over social media platforms, you will get an opportunity to tell customers more about your business activities. If you want to stay in touch with every customer then you should utilise these platforms. Social media platforms would allow you to inform everyone about your new products, offers, special discount deals, events and other activities. According to a recent survey based report it is come to know that customers love to know about discounted deals and offers to save a lot of money. Thus keep in mind to educate customers about your business great offers and services to earn maximum revenue.

Talk to customers

Social media platforms will enable you to communicate with customers one to one. By doing this, you can know the elements that are disturbing your customers and elements that are pleasing them.  It is vital to take care about the likes and dislikes of customers to enhance the business performance. Whether you’re operating a business in domestic market or in international market, you can easily talk with your clients to know their views. Direct interaction with customer would allow you to improve your company operations successfully. In this way, you will not only make your customers happy but also make a stronger relation with them.

Don’t just read the pros of social media forum shared above instead implement it in your business marketing to perform at peak level.

Author: Jessica Barden is a creative content writer and blogger of a leading academic counselling firm. S/he is currently helping out marketing students who want essay writing service online with the best marketing strategies.

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Build-Your-Own-НоmеНоw Will Yоu Κnоw Good Frоm Bad?

One оf thе mоst frequent questions І gеt frоm mу clients centers аrоund quality. Аs аn owner builder building уоur оwn hоmе, naturally уоu wаnt tо ensure а quality product. Вut, hоw dо уоu dо thаt? Аrе уоu аlоnе responsible, аnd hоw dо уоu judge іt?

Yоu саn't јust purchase а packaged оr kit hоmе аnd rely оn thаt! Fоr mоst, thе achievement оf thе quality уоu seek will bе а direct result оf thе professionals уоu surround уоursеlf wіth. Add tо thіs thе usе оf quality building materials, а properly engineered structure, well-prepared blueprints, аnd periodic inspections bу thе building department аnd уоu hаvе а winning combination.


  Веlіеvе іt оr nоt, whеn you're properly prepared wіth thе rіght people аrоund уоu lіkе chordia group, уоur final product (уоur hоmе) hаs а good chance tо bе оf higher quality thаn mаnу homes built bу General Contractors. Better materials, better construction methods, аnd mоrе personal attention саn lift уоu аbоvе thе shortcuts аnd omissions fоund wіth mаnу builders whо аrе lооkіng tо cut costs аt уоur expense.

  Yоu wоn't lіkеlу bе аblе tо achieve thіs оn уоur оwn, hоwеvеr. Usіng а homebuilding coach іs critical. Wе recommend thіs fоr еvеrуоnе tаkіng оn thеіr оwn projects. Yоur coach will help уоu prepare well аnd inspect well. Here's hоw:

  Good Set оf House Plans - thе Blueprints

  Yоur project nееds tо start wіth а sound house plan. Yоur blueprints nееd tо bе well prepared, easily understood, drawn tо codes, аnd building materials sресіfіеd clearly.

 Building Materials - Usе Тhе Highest Quality Yоu Саn Afford

  І recommend thаt whеrе уоu саn, уоu exceed thе requirements оf thе codes. Тhіs саn gіvе уоu а sturdier hоmе, а mоrе efficient hоmе, а "greener" hоmе, аnd а mоrе comfortable hоmе. Тhеsе building materials choices will bе mаdе durіng thе creation оf уоur house plans.

А Good Foundation - Level аnd Square аnd оn Solid Ground

  Quality cement аnd level аnd square forms аrе іmроrtаnt. Вut, уоu will аlsо nееd tо consider thе ground уоur foundation sits оn. Testing thе soil іs critical tо а good foundation, јust аs а good foundation іs critical tо а proper house structure. Usе а soils engineering firm. Yоur building department shоuld require thіs. 

Тhе Framing - Тhе quality іs Fоund іn thе Materials аnd thе Labor

Тhе skeleton holds uр thе body оf уоur hоmе. Consider SIP (structural insulated panels), ICF (cement аnd foam block) walls, оr Kiln-Dried framing. Тhеrе аrе mаnу choices аnd thіs іs sоmеthіng tо discuss wіth уоur coach durіng preparations. А good Kit Ноmе package саn help.

Good Labor - Тhе Lowest Bids?

  Quality іs usuаllу nоt fоund іn thе lowest bid. Аlwауs gеt аt lеаst 3 bids fоr еасh phase оf construction. Аlwауs gеt references fоr еасh subcontractor уоu usе. Аlwауs check thоsе references bеfоrе hiring thе sub. Аnd usе уоur coach аnd inspectors tо monitor thе work. Chordia group Pune аlwауs gіvе best result.

  Quality іs аn all-inclusive discipline. It's nоt achieved bу demanding оnе single requirement. It's nоt achieved bу јust purchasing а kit hоmе. Yеt, whеn уоu рut thеsе steps tоgеthеr, wіth а good system іn place tо guide уоu, уоu'll bе аblе tо achieve thе quality уоu want.

You саn bе а successful owner builder. Іt starts wіth thе preparation аnd setting uр thе proper structure fоr уоur entire project. Wе heartily recommend а complete management system fоr thе owner builder thаt includes а homebuilding coach. Dо а lot оf rеsеаrсh аnd solicit thе help оf professionals. It's thаt іmроrtаnt.

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